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  • obviously, you are missing the point re TA.

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    • Look pal...I'm not going to get into a debate with you on TA...I use both fundamental and TA in buying and selling a stock. My emphasis has always been more on fundamental analysis then TA, but you're an idiot if you choose to ignore TA in picking your buying and exit points.

      Regarding your general rule that TA is "meaningless" on a thinly traded biotech microcap. Normally I would agree with that statement. However, this stock has a three plus month history of trading between 2.80-3.30 dating back to late December of 2004.
      As such there could be a fair amount of selling as some of those holders who are left seek to exit the stock either even, or with a small profit.

      Now if we announce some great unexpected news like a partnership or a buy out then you can throw TA totally out the window. This stock has enough trading history to warrant a look at TA IMHO. Had one chosen to use it earlier they would have been out of the stock as it broke support around $2.70 and could have re-entered the stock closer to $2.00 and saved themselves a nice chunck of change. If you choose to differ on these observations so be it and good luck to you...