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  • mdv_92126 mdv_92126 Dec 8, 2005 7:31 PM Flag

    Promise-keeping enterprise?

    John, It is still Q4.

    BTW, look at SLIDE 14:
    YMI put in a slide about Merck and Takeda's partnership re Matuzumab and financials. Why?
    Has nothing to do with the overall YMI corp presentation.
    My take: they are sending the subliminal message that there will be a substantial partnership(s) for Nimotuzumab. And why not...

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    • >John, It is still Q4<

      I know, I know. If they do deliver on their promises, I will be pleased.

      I have to admit I am frustrated because this company is so great--why the hell are we still at ~$3.00? I see total POS companies with a single product in stage 2 that are worth 3 to 5 times YMI.

      Regarding slide 14: Have you had a chance to listen to the R&R Conference? Allan's commentary on the Merck/Takeda slide was not-too-subliminal. Let's hope there is something similar in the cards for YMI. Soon would be nice.

      Just needed to vent, anyway. Part of my problem is that I was growing used to big returns in a few months--it's been a very good two years for my biotech portfolio. Now I just need to relearn patience.

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      • I share your frustration...most of my shares are now long-term cap gains.

        I take comfort in knowing that ANY of their products, if successful, will markedly increase the paltry market cap. Taken together, they will add up substantially.

        I also like the odds of chasing a 140% OS sub-group to achieve a 50% benefit in a pivotal trial. And they still maintain their belief in "mid-2006." I think it foolish to believe the company is totally-blinded, even if they only have anecdotal evidentiary data.