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  • rfj1862 rfj1862 Jan 30, 2006 7:42 PM Flag


    Hopefully today sucked up the remaining shares from our favorite seller.

    Just as a side note, when I spoke with the opinion leaders at ASCO GI, none had a clue about nimotuzumab. Both said they would "look into it."

    One of the OLs I spoke with stated that rash was correlated with response, which was what inspired me to speak with him. The second OL is involved in trials of panitumumab--he had no clue either.

    Interesting that experts in the field still have no clue, and it speaks to the fact that the potential of nimotuzumab (and YMI in general) is completely unknown.

    YMI needs to get off their butts and publish, publish, publish. Even though it hasn't been tested in CRC, an abstract at ASCO GI highlighting the lack of rash probably would have been accepted, given that Erbitux is so commonly used for CRC.


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