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  • mdv_92126 mdv_92126 Feb 6, 2006 6:44 PM Flag last on this

    Have you stopped to consider that YMI may have filed this in ANTICIPATION of a much higher stock price? If the registration is already "on the shelf," they can immediately take advantage of a higher price (and, therefore, less dilution).

    The registration remains in place for some time before expiring.

    A partnership would likely make this moot, btw.

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    • And...

      See NERX, up 30% on the day of the announcement of a private purchase

      See NUVO, no impact on share price of financing

      See BCRX, up substantially since last financing


      Also, I have a feeling that they are rushing through the AeroLef trial to attract partners. It is likely that the phase III trials of this agent will be conducted by or with a partner. My opinion.

      Also, a positive US Treasury Department decision would likely lead to a US partner immediately after for nimo

      Typing fast, sorry about my grammar.