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  • C78596998785 C78596998785 Jul 15, 2006 9:12 PM Flag

    YMI featured on ROB tv

    <<"indicates they are hearing supportive comments with no red flags... "

    Just what the Hell does THAT mean?>>

    My guess from your last two posts is that you are saying you didn't/couldn't read the article.

    The PDF leads off with the topic you asked about... they state they are interviewing oncolongists participating in
    the MA 19 and/or the ongoing Phase 3 DEC trials... followed by 10 pages of detail...

    I will be adding to my position, but my focus is in other sectors... I am short some puts and long shares, but in this sector I am hesitant to put more than 30K in an individual stock, Ill probably exceed in this case without including the PUTS... I will also sell some covered calls on a subset of my holding for Oct 5 calls to offset my cost... The cost basis will be reduced to $2.90 and losing them in Oct @ 5 would be acceptable.

    A stock like this is incredibly easy to manipulate, price action should be considered, but I have seen in the past that the volitile action in a speculative issue like this can be very misleading...