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  • C78596998785 C78596998785 Jun 3, 2010 6:15 PM Flag

    Allen Is Really Trying My Paitence!

    My confidence is shaken... Does YMI consider $1.27 a good price for dilluting the stock?
    Don't they see a richer share price materializing in the near term...

    They have enough cash to fund the targetted research, yet they sell additional shares to raise $3M.

    I had no problem with the CEO,but no I will clarify the I also expect the CEO to be executed at a significantly higher price... if they start selling at these prices then it appears they see little chance that the price will improve significantly in the near term...

    I will be reviewing my desire to hold...

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    • Well the first thing you should do is stop listening to IPWPI the clown and ITFLYZZS. They are pumper clowns and offer no value to any analyical process.

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      • I had solid reasons for holding YMI.

        One of them was that they were not constantly diluting the share base...

        Three trips to the well (ok CEO might not count)... the first offering of 17.5 million shares was significant, but I thought that given their cash position it was a one time event...

        I have recently recommended YMI to a few friends, well I will be advising them to revisit their purchases as I no longer would bring YMI to anyones attention...( at least anyone I like)

        I will be evaluating my holdings as well, but there is no getting out fast given the current volume...