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  • goshenstone goshenstone Dec 9, 2010 9:32 PM Flag

    YMI held strong for 2nd half of day

    For all the selling, YMI held strong all afternoon. I tend to think stops got taken out down to natural resistance point...and their she stood all afternoon. I still think this was a'sell the news' event, after an excellent interim report leading to a bit of a run up and subsequent panic sell.... nothing deep just indiscriminate selling out of the day/swing trader camp.

    YMI is an excellent company with a real pipeline. If people don't think they'll double or triple their money as this heads into and through PIII and even more on approval then it's good to clean house for everyone concerned. Funny thing is those that sold now want the stock to drop so they can buy back. Just games, compulsive trading. Partnering right about now would be fun.

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