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  • imshirazy imshirazy Jan 25, 2011 10:11 PM Flag

    can someone explain to me the recent action?

    Thank you all for the responses thus far, they have been very helpful. I personally then don't agree it could drop down to 1.6 considering how many people had it at 2.00+ before the company offered the shares at 1.6.

    When I look at many charts such as RSI, stochastics, etc, everything points to this stock being heavily undersold. I'm surprised that even after the sell off, it continues to decline. Where did you find the support level to be 2.02? How is that calculated/figured out?

    I'm going to assume then I should be OK to hold this stock and maybe buy more into it if it declines a little more, but I would have to agree that this stock doesn't move much without news. It'd be nice if YMI had a bit more exposure.