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  • engintarim engintarim May 13, 2011 12:08 PM Flag

    YMI potezial Buyout Candidate ??

    I read Newsletter that YMI is potezial Buyout Candidate 9,5$ -11,5$ by good News at Drugs !!

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    • Honestly, I don't know. Not enough investment experience in this. I would assume it shouldn't really change it though, since the acquisition is for PLX4032 which deals with melanoma. If anything maybe short term, slight drop with real quick rebound and if anything an increase from there? But considering YMI is only with them for Nimo, i really don't think it'll affect the stock greatly. But like I said, I have nowhere near enough investment experience to make an educated assumption.

    • Does anybody want to venture a guess as to how much YMI is worth given that Daiichi Sankyo is buying Plexxikon for up to $935 million?

    • "So if positive data release during upcoming ASCO, then I think partnership news will happen soon."
      BINGO! I think YOU, DnWANG, have it correct.

      This is the overwhelmingly more probable outcome IF the data is positive. THAT would be much more DURABLE an outcome than any silly ephemeral run up into ASSS CO.

    • Yes, CYT387 partnership will be make a lot of sense. And Nimo's value is hard to estimate, it could be billion dollar drug too. It is hard to evaluate buyout value.

      So if positive data release during upcoming ASCO, then I think partnership news will happen soon.

    • i would think a partnership makes a lot more sense for YMI,perhaps an OUS partnership priorto the commencement of any P3 trial. Very little chance of YMI going P3 alone and diluting in order to do so. Anyone who has somewhat deep knowledge of YMI management mentality will be able to weigh in on this type of thinking. They are way too smart to think they should or can go it alone for the type of large opportunity they have in front of them. Its almost a ridiculous notion to suggest that they would. I am very content that this stock hasnt run up into ASCO, for if it did without substantive news, it would only crash back down given the lack of OVERTLY stated catalysts. Much Better instead to see the frustrating accumulation going on in a narrow range, just as we saw around the 2.50 level before it popped above the 3's and has stayed there ever since. I am hoping for a decline, as are many others, to accumulate more in the kitbag as low as possible. But, it appears the market has other plans at least for now. Here's to hoping for a serious decline prior to ASCO to shake out all the know nothings.

    • And you're correct, there really isn't too much beyond ASCO except maybe a buyout, which is never guaranteed but can pose a significantly high gain. We will all just have to wait and see how ASCO does

    • "I know YMI will go up, but this wait is absolutely killing me..."

      I think we can all agree that YMI is not seeing the ASCO bump we expected it to...while other stocks are so far. Perhaps that will change this week.

      But here's the rub, as I mentioned a few days ago: there are no significant catalysts beyond the ASCO release of data for some time to come. If someone new to YMI were to buy now, how much of a bump could that person expect to see? Who here is clamoring to buy stock at this level? Nobody as far as I can tell. You all want someone else to buy YMI to bump up your investment.

      Since investors in biotechs are always hungry for the next catalyst, and since YMI doesn't have one beyond ASCO for some time to come, selling on the ASCO news could send this stock down below $3. So, who wants to buy now with that risk in mind?

      I think, though, that YMI's next decision is to determine whether to partner for a phase III trial or go it alone (and raise more money through dilution). If go it alone, nobody wants to buy shares ahead of a pending dilution.

      As for a buyout rumor, I'm all for rumors!! If a credible one makes the rounds, you'll see it in the stock price.

    • Well we better hear some more, and soon. Seems none of the coverage from different companies has really helped to drive up the price of YMI. Our beloved Allan needs to jump in and get the company some updates, it's been a while and profits recently released doesn't work for this type of company. I am certain that this, along with some other things like competiting markets and high levels of uncertainty, is driving our incredibly low volume. I know YMI will go up, but this wait is absolutely killing me, and I'm sure it's also killing other investors who are not as patient, and therefore pulling $ out.

    • I don't mean this in offense but that is incredibly vague. YMI has been a buyout candidate for at least a year now. Do you have a link to the article? Did the article state there were specific companies interested? Where are you getting $9.5-$11.5 from?