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  • iamshirazy iamshirazy Feb 14, 2012 10:34 AM Flag


    It's one thing to present your case, but you are becoming more and more offensive each day. You completely blew off my response to you which virtually refuted all your claims, only to move on to another thread and make the exact same.

    IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW WIZEN...Most people on this board visit it on a regular and have been here for years. You aren't changing anyone's minds.

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    • Dilution doesn't change the science. I'm looking for it to come for a chance to double-down. So what, we wait a bit longer for YM to commercialize CTY and NIMO. If you're long it will come out in the wash.

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      • Oh no it doesn't. If you slice a pizza to 1/64 slice it leaves folks not full and dissatisfied. In YMI's case is would be 1/128! Look at Apple. How many dilutions? How many stock splits? I rest my case. Great Companies don't dilute time and time again! Get out your pizza cutter and practice! Go read Buffet's biography. The joke is on the investor. If you make 500k as CEO and CFO makes 400K they keep diluting to support their high salaries, good life and power! The problem is they don't want to give up the power and perks. Selling out they'll want a huge premium and a huge premium for a partner. The board of Directors should fire the CFO and CEO if they do another dilution.