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  • wizenightowl wizenightowl Mar 5, 2012 9:05 PM Flag


    Once shares are all sold I see a steady climb. I made out big today on Kerx and picked up some more Aezs. On the other hand I had my head handed to me on some oil trades. Oh well so much for investing. With Obama popularity going up I kind of hope he has another 4 years. Four more years of Obama means we will have big time inflation. Gold will hit 2,500 and 8 dollar gas!

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    • Internet ego problem.That's too funny. Maybe you should look in the mirror?

      You seem happy focusing on my tone, rather than dealing with the subject. Perhaps you should do some thinking, and next time address the poster directly who made the comments you have a problem with.

    • Coming from the man with the huge internet ego problem. Go on continuing calling people idiots and morons. I never attacked you for anything, you seem to love attacking everyone and calling people derogatory names over nothing. Go do some thinking and cool that sour mouth of yours, we're done here.

    • <Just more radical claims from an Obama hater who can't back up anything.>

      I don't "hate" anyone,you are putting words in my mouth.Shame on you.

      I simply agree with the original post, and now you attack me for it?

      And what is there to "back up". We just disagree. From my perspective, things are NOT going in the right direction.Obama is a pied piper leading fools into further despair.

      Maybe it's time for you to get off the "high horse"

    • Nope, I'm addressing you, sir. You're the one who feels there may be "nothing left" from a presidency with increasing jobs, increasing housing purchases, auto purchases, yet are telling me one day I'll "wake up." And, 100 times worse than Bush? Are you serious? There's not even any number that supports 100 times worse ANYTHING. Just more radical claims from an Obama hater who can't back up anything. Not to mention, the amount of times in the past I see you calling other people morons, idiots, etc. So, yes, I'm addressing you...get off your high horse.

    • Maybe you should be addressing the guy who posted in the first place.I just happen to agree with what he wrote.Got it?

      You sir are an idiot.

    • Please, get off your high horse.
      So many of the anti-Obama posts I read are just beyond stupid.
      Abortion is brought up? Do you guys realize there have been studies to show that increases in abortion have significantly decreases crime rates due to much less unwanted newborns?
      Not to mention, abortion has been going at a state level (for the most part), not national, at least blame the correct people.

      Now you talk about deficit? First of all, the healthcare bill is to cost almost a trillion over TEN years, not immediate. On top of that, it's supposed to eliminate Medicaid (600 billion over 10 years). Hence, the true cost is 400 bil, or 40 bil a year, significantly less than is even spent on defense. IF YOU ACTUALLY DO YOUR RESEARCH, you'll understand that the baby boomers are about to enter the age where they need Medicaid, which will be the highest concentration in history. You really want to see how the cost of Medicaid will skyrocket? And you're worrying about things like healthcare making us go bankrupt?

      I'm not Obama's biggest fan, and I don't hate him. But people like you who constantly b**** and moan without any legitimate support are seriously the most annoying people in this country. Everyone goes around wanting someone to blame for something or something to complain about.

    • One day you'll wake up and realize just how right he is.Hopefully there is still something left when that day comes.

    • Not to go off topic, but I like Obama, maybe as an outsider from Canada I see things differently. It's a little but like watching a show. Maybe he ain't the best, but I think there were no better alternatives, maybe there is now, regardless, they all seem the same. At least Obama seems to have some brains, not like the last bush. Geez, that was painfull/funny to watch sometimes. :)

    • probably true, unfortunately. it'll also mean higher capital gains taxes


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