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  • wizenightowl wizenightowl Nov 16, 2012 11:15 PM Flag

    Denist in Canada!

    A denist friend of mine in Canada called me and said he treated some big wig at YMI. He said the patient broke off a veneer on a tooth becasue he was chewing his finger nails. When the denist asked him why he was chewinng his finger nails he said he was trying to line up a partner for his company but no takers. WOW sub buck days are almost here! Sell, now and take what you have and buy a twinkie factory! You longs don't a prayer. YMI is a bunch of amateurs. Failure of nimo filing in Europe is a prime example! Now every business failure, divorce, and all crime will be blamed on hostess for not making twinkies, hohos,ding dongs and that gross white wonder bread! A very sad day in America. I can't imagine how the twinkies workers can ever live a normal life again. Their houses will be egged, and their kids will be bullied at school. In fact the ocal police force should give them protection 24/7. I think Obama should demand that Hostess open up their plants with a goverment bail out loan! Talk about discrimination! Dodge and chevy get goverment loans but Hostess doesn't?

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