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  • flgopherone flgopherone Nov 22, 2012 10:30 AM Flag


    Just wanted to leave a Thanksgiving note to all of those who are sticking it out here.

    The naysayers and worry worts and...well....those that are beginning to feel YMI isnt even a legitimate business anymore have begun to come out of the woodwork.

    There are good things ahead for YMI and we are in a period of discovery and advancement.....and so...there are those who also know this and are here to spill blood on the street, make us doubt out convictions and sell at a time when many are accumulating. I cant even begin to speculate why baker Bros sold other than to look into their other recent buys and well....follow the your own diligence.

    Anyways...Happy Thanksgiving to all and remember....when some are selling...some are spreading