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  • iamshirazy iamshirazy Nov 24, 2012 10:01 PM Flag

    Enough with the Baker Bros please

    I understand that the Baker Bros are, indeed, a well reputable and very successful firm with a history in biotechs. But, unlike a year ago where they were a large holder, they are now the NINTH largest holder of YMI. I'm sorry but their stake at this point is, not significant in comparison to where it was. On top of this, they sold almost 50% of their whole holdings. They also hold 63 different bio companies, of which we are around the low 30s for highest held I believe, their top choice being Pharmacyclics based on value alone. They have a little over 3 billion invested in pharmaceuticals, making their investment of about 4.5m with us, not really a concern in their pot. At this point, their investment into YMI is, most likely, speculative. What should be noted, is how Discovery Capital has increased by almost 1 million shares(approx $19m total), we still have Trowe (but they hold like, 3000 stocks), FMR increased, Adage increased, and Ayer increased by over 100%!
    We also have 11 new holdings, including but not limited to: Citi, Deutsche Bank, Rotella, and UBS (although, some holdings are EXTREMELY minimal). Unfortunately, we also lost, exactly 11, including Zacks, Moore, Knight, and BBT. Fortunately, most of these were not significantly large holders (not even in the $mm's in value). We've also had decreases in shares among 10 large institutions, aside from the sold positions. Overall it's fairly even, but the buys have somewhat exceeded the sells, mostly by the amount of companies and not by share value.
    To me, it looks like most companies are on edge. There are not any significantly large changes to the plus side or downside as of last quarter. Lets hope the next quarter is different. I don't think the salary increases help...

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