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  • wizenightowl wizenightowl Dec 3, 2012 2:37 PM Flag


    We are hours away from the biggest event in YMI yoyo history and we and stuck in a trading rut. Um, maybe the big boys know it is dead money until the phase three results are in. Maybe they can start the trail in 2014? You have to keep in mind that they'll have to burn through most of 2013 doing another dilution and figuring out how to do the trial. Speed and exectuion are kind of lacking in their corportate values expect for doing dilutions! I see 1.65 the night before data with a pop of .15 closing at 1.75 on the day of data. Then when everyone realizes that there is no huge pop the stock will be driven to 1.20 level with next diltion pushing the stock to .85! Of couse no movemnet at the end of year due to tax loss selling. Just sell now and put yourself out of your missery. It reminds me of the sesssion you have with the doc when he says you get great care on hospice and die in confort. You can drag out death 6 months when a cyanide pill works much faster thus putting you out of your missery. Sell now take the cyanide pill and free yourself of all those ymi fleas bitting you every night while you worry about your portfolio!

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