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  • THis is great news. It only means one thing! Buyout! They couldn't find a partner so they are throwing in the towel and have agreed to be bought. Question is how much? I 'll be buying! Selling NIMO means little revenue so I would say the new company wants nothing to do with NIMO and wants just cyt-387. I guess someone will pay between 2-6? I think 8 would be a huge premium and 4-5 is a realistic price if they have good news. I would say yes news is good and the new company said "sell nimo now becasue we have a deal!" New price target 4.5 and forget sub buck and diltuions becasue they have trown in towel!

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    • You think big pharma would like to pay $500M for buyout of YMI due to CYT387? I don;'t think so. That means big pharma needs to invest more than 1 B to get CYT387 including licensing, PIII development & marketing costs.

      If buyout happens, I would say $300M. I know you guys don;t like it..

      For safety reason I would say partnership is still best case. Big pharm put $100 M to help CYT387 PIII trial. But in this case why YMI want to get rid of Nimo? Strange.

    • Nice to speculate like that of a buyout, but being bought out versus partnering is far from throwing in the towel as you said..
      Obviously Nimo's future expecation by YMI's management is that drug is not worth developing anymore,it is a dud, and has little to no future commercial potential.
      This doesnt necessarily mean a potential suitor doesnt want Nimo so thats why they got rid of it,
      this can just simply mean YMI doesnt want Nimo,not worth holding,has no potential anymore,so kiss that baby goodbye!
      CYT-387 is extremely promising, and I hope your speculation is right on a buyout,or hoping at least we get a long awaited Big Pharma partner soon.
      Something is definitely brewing that we know, as management gave us a hint at most recent conference by saying at end of presentation,'We will talk to you again AFTER ASH'
      So we should expect clarity on the future development of CYT-387 this month.
      Whether they go at it alone,a partner,or a buyout..