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  • dmattingly62 dmattingly62 Dec 3, 2012 10:02 PM Flag

    Looks like a takeover to me

    Ym's expenditure for Nimo was 1.2MM for fiscal 2012 and it would be next to nothing going forward. They just cleaned up the balance sheet for a take over. Now we know why we haven't heard anything about P3 which was to begin last quarter. We were waiting on this and it's about time. Have a great week!

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    • The point that someone made about the connection to Cuba was really important. That wasn't a minor issue and many groups would not want that connection. There would be no reason to spin Nimo off at this moment in time unless they're cleaning up the company for strategic activities. It could be M&A or it could be a buyout. Also, keep in mind that a buyout would be much higher than prices today for a couple of reasons. A) Because it will happen post-ASH and the ASH data will likely make this run and B) there would be lots of contingency payments that could promise huge upside upon success.

      This should rally tomorrow and perhaps through ASH at this point. This is the first piece of material news we've had in a long while and it hints a great deal about what might be coming shortly.

    • I wonder what opening price will be tomorrow?

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