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  • dnwang dnwang Dec 4, 2012 9:57 AM Flag

    YMI has $130 M cash on hand

    but hesitate to start CYT387 PIII trial? If that is true and YMI want to save money and reduce the risk, why would big pharma want to put big money in to the PIII development? unless CYT387 PII data is excellent. But guys, be honest to me. You think CYT387 PII data is "excellent"?

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    • Hey, guys, with a M & A pending it's obvious the "bigger" of the partners in the "marriage" is the driver of the trial design. I'm guessing that is NOT YMBio. The partner probably has more knowhow in terms of the regulatory pathway that will be OK'd by FDA and what unmet need the trial can meet for marketing advantage against Jakafi. So, this is good if it does happen. By the way, I love the prospects of CTY387 and I'm way long and holding much more than is prudent, but that being said, $130mil does not go far in this business. It will evaporate in 12 months. So, let's hope a deal is about to be minted. Maybe we'll see $3 - $4 bucks in the conversion.

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    • graysonbarnes Dec 4, 2012 8:41 PM Flag

      dnwang, yes the science is the primary reason I have invested in YM. When one considers the differentiating qualities of the anemia benefit of CYT 387 over Ruxo, and the comparable spleen and safety profile, all wrapped up in very solid scientific protocol, I honestly think the data is excellent. The data is not earth shattering, but it's good enough that if the data continues to hold up through PIII (I believe it's essentially already held-up up through PII), then we have a best-in-class compound.