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  • epritske epritske Dec 4, 2012 4:49 PM Flag

    Called James Smith Today

    Tried calling him several times today to no avail....Probably busy nowadays. Will report back when I get in touch with him

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    • Go a hold of James today. He could not comment on removal of Cuba connection with possible merger of US company. Did say the data is strong and will be presented again at ASH. Does not see conflic of Baker having shares of YMI and stated that despite some of their sales there were 10 other instituitional large holders that have not changes their position. Just my speculation, but I do think good exciting times are ahead and very close.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I have no doubt that we would be trading closer to $2 right now without all the Baker dumping. However, their stake has been dwindling down for a long time and is likely just about gone. Personally, I would rather see YM partner with a group other than INCY just because I want to see them eat Jakafi's lunch. The next month is going to be beyond interesting.

        Partnerships tend to move in cycles and I would imagine that any potential partner would want to get this partnership done before the end of the year. I would imagine that they'd like to have it done within the next three weeks.

        If YM goes it alone I would expect them to announce this as well. I'm prepared for all outcomes and all outcomes likely involve a strong 387. Getting rid of the Cuba connection was good to matter what they do. The story is about JAKs now and investors/partners will have a better view of that without the Cuba connection.

        It's impossible to predict was will happen. One definite thing is that there are not any leaks because we would be moving higher if a partnership was leaking. Adolor fell up until they point they were bought by Cubist. That was an airtight deal.

    • Had the same problem getting through to Obama today. Strange.