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  • fmalad fmalad Dec 5, 2012 12:36 PM Flag

    income of 11,219

    I believe thhe income on June income statement was about 11mm and change. Was most of this nimo sales? I don't understand why you would leave yourself with little income coming in if you are going at it alone. Even a partner would want their money going for phase 3 trial. Yes they have 130 mm on hand but why not wait to sell nimo to buffer expenes and misc expenses that come up. Makes no sense. If you are trying to get away from dilutions then you would preserve cash as much as possible. I would put off raises too? Looks like a buyout to me. If anyone else has a theory please post!

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    • I don't think it necessarily means a buyout, but realistically (from what I've read), Nimo is not an attractive drug (not saying that it is bad). It's primarily Cuban and international market, a US company that would look to partner or buyout may not be interested in this. I agree that selling it makes you more attractive to a buyer than a partner, because a partner has the ability to neglect efforts and money towards a drug it didn't agree to, of course. I don't think this means we have a buyer, but it at least hints that we may be closer, especially since James doesn't seem to want to disclose why they got rid of it. Lets also not forget, Nimo is their first successful drug. Now all we have is CYT387 and 997, and the latter is still early in stages and shows no reason of being a blockbuster, but lets hope their compound library has something else in store. Either way, the crazy$8-10 price predictions on this board are immensely unrealistic, especially considering the fact that we have been diluted to hell and back. That price target could make sense if we were acquired, oh, before December of 2010, when we still had about 90mm shares and not 160. Realistically, I'm HOPING for $3-$3.50, I'll sell half my position, and see where the rest goes based on the outcome of a possible merger/ etc