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  • sexyladyfitness sexyladyfitness Dec 10, 2012 8:39 AM Flag

    Company NOT going at it alone. NEW ASH Press Presentation..

    Management states company's assumption is for a collaboration/handoff of CYT387 into PHASE3.
    Great News! Early Speculation was a possibility of company using their 80mil cash to fund PHASE3 on their own.Looks like that option is now off the table due to this compelling trial data and obvious Big Pharma interest in this asset..

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    • Where did you get this "information"? Are you at the breakfast this morning? Some hint of where this sentiment came from and how credible it is would be more than a little helpful.

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      • they said it this morning. Here is Merrill's take - not very positive, to say the least, on the data, but positive on partnership:

        Management confident in partnership
        At the company's analyst event this morning, YMI expressed confidence that
        near-term it would likely partner its Jak inhibitor CYT387 for myelofibrosis (MF),
        and that it was no longer necessary for the company to advance Phase 3 on its
        own. We look forward to more details on the partnership.
        Presentation fails to address key issues
        Updated Phase 1/2 results (N=166) for CYT387 were presented yesterday. We
        found nothing new despite significantly more patients included in this analysis vs
        the original 60 patients studied. In particular, we had wanted a more rigorous
        analysis of patients with well documented transfusion history in order to interpret
        transfusion independence data (68% transfusion independence rate, overall IWGMRT anemia response rate of 48%). YMI addressed concerns around IWG-MRT
        criteria at the analyst event, noting that it has subsequently evaluated 56% of pts
        using more stringent Delphi consensus criteria (requires 3 month pt history vs.
        IWG-MRT criteria of 1 month) and has observed the same result as per IWG-MRT
        Thought leaders underwhelmed
        MF thought leaders we spoke with following the data expressed significant
        disappointment in the presentation, and pointed out concerns around (1) poor
        spleen response (37% at 6 mos in 166 pts), (2) neurotoxicity (specifically 25%
        peripheral neuropathy plus 2 discontinuations on core study) and (3)
        thrombocytopenia (45% incidence with 24% experiencing grade 3/4 symptoms)

      • See the YM website for their ASH 2012 corporate presentation.

        Here are their exact words: "Preparations for Phase III advancing under assumption of

        Sentiment: Hold

      • Go to the website....go to page 30 of the presentation....there it is!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy