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  • lqqkok lqqkok Dec 18, 2010 10:34 AM Flag

    Silver not even at the starting block yet

    Silver has not even started to move. Given the 30 years of manipulation we are not even where silver should be without the world wide economic insanity.

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    • Lol i'm totally with you. Its halarious when I hear people talking about how silver is in a bubble!! lol I think you'll dig this video if you're a believer in silver its called "Silver Shortage This Decade, Silver Will Be Worth More Than Gold" its on youtube, futuremoneytrends dot com put it out. I'm glad I bought silver at $16.50. But its still not too late

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      • well let them, eventually real money will win out. when they overshoot to the extreme then it is time to leave and buy other stocks and see where we can go from there.

        China is overheated from their real estate of course we know that. So they will have problems with inflation/deflation depending on what they want to do.

        US will have inflation problems if china has deflation.

        the com realestate,etc market is about to reset the 2011 ARMS. Will they drag us through the mud again with bail outs or will they let the banks fail. Hmm?

        2012 end of the world: nostradomas and the coming of a new age from the mayan calendar.

        HMM seems quite accurate. Well then better get more prepared with food/water. Gold/silver + their stocks when you have extra money.

    • Dec 19, 2010 9:12 PM Flag

      The reason that many people don't make money in PM stocks is that they don't understand basic monetary fundamentals. They never study and apply themselves to how the fiat system operates
      first and foremost. When they do, the light comes on and they go long p. metals.
      How to spot those who have not studied:

      The tip off is when they talk about inflation as some sort of mysterious force that is 'fought by the Fed and higher rates' and sort of appears like some boogeyman to menace the populace. That type of thinking is straight out of the goverment mindcontrol 101 playbook.

      These same people chase the momentum in PM and
      then get worried about a bubble. Sure they worry, because they lack knowledge. I'd worry
      too. There is nothing more dangerous to ones
      wealth than gambling and speculating.

      "History is a vast early warning system"

      The dollar has had it's time in the sun.
      It's over. It will join the ash heap of history.
      This is 'The end of empire' for us.
      I wish it were not so, but study the national debt numbers. There's no way to earn our way out. The only route is the debasement of the

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      • Another problem with investors is that they see "today" as expensive or "cheap", base on nothing more than a guess. If one looks at what the world is doing fiscally then EVERYONE would see $10000/oz gold as cheap. But the fools listen to wall street idiots who, like themselves do not undersand the big picture and will not buy. That is until gold is $10k.

      • aye agreed. The reason why this over shot a bit was because the commons just bought it and is now driving them away. Now media is complaining again its a bubble. It's time to buy again rofl.

        Jim Cramer says it's good = time to start selling when it pops from his rec then when it corrects its time to buy.

        As always he makes things over shoot and then need to correct. Now that the weak ones are out We can buy some for cheaper now;).

        Sold some more puts :P. If they put it to me I get them for less than 12 dollars around 11.50 range. took delivering last time for average of 12 dollars or so.

        11 dollar puts expired this dec worthless and made a few hundred bucks.

        Anyways the premiums on options are decent that means volatility again by players in the markets up or down dont care.

        Notice obama wanting to complain to china about manipulation?

    • you are right. It amazes me that I hear the "Experts" (IDIOTS) saying silver and gold have peaked.
      Sheeple are so stupid. Anyone who thinks $30 silver is the high is in for a rude awakening.

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      • Holy shoot: William Jennings Bryan resurrected? No, the U.S. is going back to minting silver coins; copper is too expensive? JPM is short a gazillion bars of Ag? No, there's a worldwide shortage and demand exceeds supply? No, silver cures the common cold?

        Silver's in a bubble riding the wave of higher precious metals. I see $35.00 but not much higher unless we see rampant inflation like the early '80s. Silver just isn't that rare. It's basic uses are industrial and jewelry. It doesn't have the monetary connotation that goes with gold and it doesn't have the industrial demand of Pl or Pd. Yep, silver's still being manipulated.