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  • ryugo82 ryugo82 Jan 4, 2011 12:49 PM Flag

    SLV down 3-4% and svm down 6-8%?

    Seems strange since svm is lagging behind the silver itself when it gains and when it loses value it drops 2x.

    I suppose it did overshoot like I said. Now the valuations are almost the same a hl and other miners but HL dropped evem more than svm. almost 10% drop. NEM dropped over 4% as well.

    wow. It's definitely time to buy some. Maybe 1-2 more days of dropping but do not go on leverage.

    This is to play ping pong with traders that use leverage. IMO.

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    • But people are scared that the eurozone will pull back qe from their central bank eh.

      Well extreme depression/deflation or extreme inflation.

      WE already know that. The ARMS is starting to blow up in their face.

      Thats why smart people have been preparing with
      And ignoring the politicians. We expect nothing from them.

      Anyway just more ping pong excuses to cause volatility. And dont forget do not use margin otherwise you get played by the hedge funds.

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