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  • bookadibeppo bookadibeppo Jan 5, 2011 1:59 AM Flag

    SVM and the Current Pullback

    SVM is one of those stocks that linger before moving up violently.

    But at the time it moves up violently, most retail bagholders have: (i) sold because of impatience or (ii) still not bought any SVM because they see it is lingering.

    I guarantee that most retail bagholders will fall into one of the two categories stated above.

    SVM is the lowest cost silver producer in the world (-$6.30 per ounce). No miner comes close. SVM is the largest silver miner in China.

    SVM is still under the radar relative to other high profile silver miners.

    What retail bagholders do not understand is that the current pullback consists of mutual funds rearranging their books after a huge 2010 run.

    I found one analyst that agrees with me.

    The pullback is temporary. At some point in the near future, miners like SVM will rocket up violently with no turning back.

    I feel the same way about EXK de to its growth rate.

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      Here is from zerohedge. This might be one of the reasons for the short term pull back.

      Meh just hold for a while not the best price in the world but not that bad I sold puts so price is still ok or decent.

      If it goes even lower I can still throw some more money at it until they finish their poker game. Problem is as always hard to time the markets perfectly. Well we have to wait and see.

      Position limits and the like and speculators are trying to price it in early before the votes.

    • Since SVM is located in China, for speculation, SVM could buy some very cheap rare earth mine, there are thoudsands of them, very very cheap,this may boost svm to $30 a share! Just for speculation talk.

    • seems I pulled the trigger too early yesterday.

      Today was a better deal below 12 dollars. Darn.

      Oh well. I sold puts rather than buying it outright again. meh.

      Silver is being crazy again. up down 5% in a span of a few hours.

      Well this is why I said do not use stop losses or anything.

      COMPUTERS are trading these things right now. Sit tight and wait. Now it got oversold short term. They overshot down a lot now again like yesterday.

      Also if any of you read the article of computers capturing information from forums and then using that to make decisions on their HFT manipulation?

      Yep it is a rigged game. 70%+ is hft and the want to rob the remaining 30% of their money.

      This is why hyperinflation will eventually come. Total ponzi scheme.

      Sit tight and dont use margin.