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  • ryugo82 ryugo82 Jan 13, 2011 6:28 PM Flag

    Silver Up 1% & SVM Down 3%!

    woah dar you were correct it went down even more >.>.

    The market makers must be reading our posts like yahoo's article said they would.

    Anyway interesting the hedge funds dump silver after a few hours of digesting the info from the cftc.

    Well man the bears were right. I mean silvergoldsilver bears.

    Jumped in too soon.

    Well your buy for 10.64 is still too soon actually but much better.

    This is obviously way way way way way oversold now.

    Just like last year. it dropped 30% in one month then gained 50% in 1 month as well.

    >.> maybe I should start buying calls instead of selling puts.

    Anyway on the bright side I can wait as I use no leverage. Well down by 10% because it dropped 30% so far instead of just 20%.

    I sold mostly puts so I didn't get hit that hard. SO if this rallies 40-50% like last year then. Ahem gains of 20-30% in 2 months.

    if not then sell more calls/puts until I make all my money back.