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  • ryugo82 ryugo82 Jan 20, 2011 12:14 PM Flag

    1/19/11 -- SVM Upgraded

    lol you bought svm too eh:)

    yep it is one of the best silver miners.

    HL is another one I looked at it dropped -8% today.

    and now its back up -6.5%.

    I am waiting for them to drop it harder before I go in after I bought so a bit last week during the ultra lows and they didnt push it down enough for me to buy even more yet.

    svm is expanding really fast. from 2-3 mines last year to 4-5 miners this year.

    Obviously all the miners will get lots of profit this quarter since prices rose so much.

    They are going to report their results soon and they also giv div during the month of march.

    So silver will be going up during feb.

    I hope people loaded the boat during the raids it will be a bumpy ride up. ;)

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    • SVM is hot... I looked at it and bought HL instead. HL is solid. I am keeping SVM on my radar though.

      My hesitation was due to the fact that all of their mines are in China and they are a North American based company. It is difficult doing business in China if you are not a Chinese company. Also like REM's the Chinese could control exports.

      Anyway I will look at them again. ...

      • 1 Reply to zen_invest
      • "It is difficult doing business in China if you are not a Chinese company."

        This may be true generally, but not for SVM.

        1. SVM started mining in 2003. Since then, there is no evidence of the gov. or anyone making it difficult for SVM.

        The opposite is true if you look at the growth rate. China's 1997 Mineral Resource Law was adopted specifically to enable foreign mining companies to explore and mine in the country -- inviting in the advanced exploration technology, expertise and funding China needed to truly develop its resources.

        2. SVM isn't a bunch of suspicious white guys poking around in China, it's run by a combo of Chinese geologists and managers and white dudes. Substantially all employees are Chinese.

        Hence the -6.30 per ounce production.