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  • ryugo82 ryugo82 Feb 22, 2011 6:25 PM Flag

    SVM to hit $15.00 today?

    now now now amazingly silver is up but miners down? That was lame but oh well.

    The markets want to go their own path and remain in fantasy again.

    Just because silver gave back most of the gains they are treating it as if it didn't gain at all.

    Such idiocy.

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    • SVM will hit $15 but not this week...This stock has had a beta of around 2.00 for a very long time. What is good about today is that the overall market situation (the stock exchanges) are what probably pulled SVM down. And, today's movement did not reflect the full beta of 2.00. If it did the price move down would have been more. This tells me this stock is very strong and hold hold hold. Also, we're a little overbought here so look for things to possibly move down even more. The fundamentals are all there for this stock for the upside and we can't have a 2 or 3% gain on this thing every day. This is the normal flow of the market....

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      • right you are I will sell a small amount of puts tomorrow if they will give me delivery then fine if not then free money from the shorts.

        If they push it down too much again like 20%+ piling in as much as I can in increments.

        The weak hands can leave.

        Ironically though almost everything went down except most of the stuff I bought. Maybe because

        I focus my portfolio on necessities and rock solid corps with no danger of bankruptcy at any stage in the game. Food/energy/and metals.

        Those are pretty much the only things that were flat to gain today.

        But food prices were crushed I would say to those trading on comex to buy up as much as you can as that was manipulation rather than the true price for food.