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  • missinoutagain missinoutagain May 5, 2011 5:10 PM Flag

    What a week...

    In and out of SVM this past year, still ahead, but the past few weeks have been painful!

    I was out of here 15's, then I made the mistake of getting back in after what I though was a nice pullback to low 14's. Sea of red this week, Oil killing me too.

    At this point I won't even speculate on further downside, but i am hanging in and getting ready to add here and buy physical. My first year with PM's, gotta have bells to play here... I guess my only saving grace is that I am 1/2 cash and have not bought physical as of yet (at higher levels).

    I don't have the bells for ZSL, but those folks having a pretty good week huh?

    just needed to vent...


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    • I avg'd down a bit in low 11's, this weeks big mistake. I am still hanging on but losing my grip. I am tempted to just take the loss at this point. SLW too, getting massacred!
      As i mentioned, i am waiting for a better exit but I am seriously losing hope now.

      I bought physical for the first time this afternoon, approx 5% of port: 75% of which gold and 25% silver. Seemed like a decent sale but who knows...
      I am comfortable with the purchase though, now I just need to get out of these miner/streamers and stick with physical. Done with this Casino...

      Anyone here buying SVM today, how about physical? I went with Blanchard.

    • bro hang in this happened last year painful but if you hold you will be fine .I was in pm's in 2008 with crash...this is nothing.Tons of money will be made.They are flushing out the weak hands..To the victor goes the spoils I promise you we will need to buy physical as paper and physical market are parallel universes an supply is an issue.In 3 years your physical will be 250 an oz who cares if you bought @ 20 or 30 or 40 its not about prices dude its about how many ounces you own...GET STACKIN..YOU HEAR.good luck

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      • I bought some physical also at around $32 but prices have not moved much since then. Previously I got some at $14 so I am way up.

        You see the long term trend is up, what more could we want.

        In 2-3-4 years silver could be $100+ just like the previous poster said it will not matter what price you buy at now whether its $20-30-40 if it gets to $100+-$200+.

        Take advantage of the bull mkt of the decade. These opps do not come very often. Here we have it in front of us and most are too scared to buy. Hiding behind their momma's skirts and yelling "help, we are down what should we do". The answer is "hold, kids" and you'll be wealthy.


      Here is the Fast Money link. Reversal is imminent. Good luck to all silver longs!

    • Panic + Margin pressure + Manipulation = Silver price collapse. Watch the video. ZSL has been shooting up since last Thursday. It's time to long silver. Check out AG. I might buy more AG.

    • It's been a bloodbath to say the least - I bought SVM from $14.00, $13.79 and AG from $18.00 and $17.46. Since then it's been dropping like crazy. The bottom for silver might just be in. I will hold my shares: 9,000 shares of AG and 12,000 shares of SVM.

    • Bought SVM a while back at like $11.50, watched it go up & down quite a bit (should've sold when it was up around 15)... kept a buy in for $11 figuring on a correction at some point, hit that for more shares today, so I put for more at $10.50 and again at $10. Taking a little 'loss' in the short term doesn't bother me, I'm pretty sure silver will continue its rise in the future.

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      • aye sad day for us I refused to sell at 15-16 because svm was so undervalued compared to silver.

        If it went up along with silver I would have at least hedged.

        but svm never did go up enough with silver so I let it sit there.

        On the bright side I can wait forever as little to no margin. and svm doesn't even need to care about the silver prices to make money.

        In time they will make it all back.

        If svm was smart they would just do share buy backs/ raise div and be done with it.

        share buy backs are better right now because its cheaper to do so and they have huge cash reserves with no liability even from gov unlike hl which got screwed by the usa gov.