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  • john_k_wayne john_k_wayne Sep 13, 2011 10:33 PM Flag

    The gigantic float on this crap is causing naked shorting

    day after day

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    • Aug 15 2011 5.7% of shares "short"

      175 million shares outstanding

      negative 120 million shares OBV since Apr 2011 peak of current "down leg"

      company buying back shares reduces the float and this leverages the trend in play (short attack)

      Do the math; this is an obvious "short attack"

      watch for "failure to deliver" RegSho coming;
      this SVM stock will trade sideways until rumor is proven to be only "bashing" by unethical team of some short position players.

      Stock will be turning around after "short" exhaustion
      Scared "LONGS" will fall into their trap if selling
      undervalued shares and prolonging "sell-off"

      Get a grip and enjoy buying new shares ridiculously on the cheap before "shorts" cover and make their money with the imminent reversal by around Halloween/THNXGiving time frame; could be sooner