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  • sonya20911 sonya20911 Mar 29, 2012 1:21 PM Flag

    Use your dry powder... NOW!

    looks to me like the bottom is in

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    • sonya,
      I'll speak to you. I've never really been able to strike up a dialogue with anyone else on this board.
      The gap needs to fill @6.24. IMO, only then can a bottom be in. The descending channel bottom is now under the gap fill and falling to meet a rising trendline. Probably happening around 6.04 or 6.05. I would guess that is bottom.
      The healthiest thing SVM can do is just flush it out and set itself free.
      It just is what it is.

    • Of course I only refer to miners and real metals
      not the paper price the monkeys are playing with.

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      • sonya i estimate the industrial demand price is about 25 bucks without inflation or investment demand

        according to silver institute silver was priced at 21 bucks around 2009-2010 so if it is around that with 10% increase in demand per year then we see about 25 bucks and with real inflation being 10%-15% per year and higher depending on what items.

        it should be around 28-30 bucks. with investment demand. then that is where we get extra money from.

        sorry to the shorties 1 -2 years ago maybe they could have crashed it down to about 20 bucks but best they can do now is 25 max. if all hell breaks loose maybe they can do 20 bucks.

        25 average if they try really really hard with only a deflation scare and not a real one.

        if they rely on only petty antics then max they can bring silver down to is probably 28 bucks. then it rises again.

        they are near their breaking point/limit in suppressing silver imo.

        but they can always change the rules and make it 10000-1 paper vs real silver right? while right now is 100-400x paper vs 1 oz of silver

        and then they default again like mf global.

        they probably have at most 10% more max they can push their luck but past that they are dead.

        they would need to kill the economy again by 50% just to crash silver to 20 bucks. that would be the ultimate bottom if benny does not print.

        remember diminishing returns of their crashing when they printed 2-3x the base money supply already.
        so 2x the price of silver in 2009 lows is about right for the ULTIMATE low. and with all the crap that happened do shorts think they can push it that low again without destroying themselves?

        i dont think so.
        that is why its only going to be at max high 20s as the low if they go all out. right now i think they are using 90% of their power.

        waiting for 100% power from them before I go buy physical en mass again. im only buying small amounts for now like 20oz here and there.:)