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  • filefile18 filefile18 Mar 30, 2012 9:36 AM Flag

    another sell the open ?

    was a so common game lately, let's hope not this time

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    • *nods* seems like it already said shorts are desperate they going to keep doing the same thing to try and scare people.

      but its getting boring and predictable.

      But if they let it run they lose even more money.

      i don't think they have enough dry powder to cover let it run up then short again.
      they would be too stupid to do that.

      instead they would rather short keep shorting keep shorting forever thinking they can get away with naked shorting and never delivering shares by flipping to their friends to use the naked short loop hole.

      of time limitation except if you are smart there is 0 limitation.

      way too predictable. I also dont buy ta charts. Someone has to believe it and trade it that way to make it true.

      the more people believe it then maybe it will be true. As I keep saying if someone big goes against it then it easily becomes false. It's there to make things predictable for the pros brainwashing people.

      but use it as reference and not be surprised if it gets there.
      those traders that want in like they do can do it if they want but whats the point. so many stocks have these gaps that never hit it already anyway.

      its just extra manipulation its like they intentionally make those gaps anyway.
      and also filling the gaps only attract traders not long term investors if there are any left anyway. which will not help us longer term because they will sell out in 1-2 weeks regardless if there is a 10-20% run up. then it drops 10-20% again because of them traders that waited for the gap to fill.

      what we need are long term investors not traders that rely on ta. but too bad combined 90% yahoo are ta traders and momo traders. not much investors there.