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  • pierrules pierrules Feb 8, 2013 12:37 PM Flag


    Any guesses? I think it will be a pleasant surprise.


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    • Well it looks pretty darn good to me. The outlook is better than I anticipated. I don't see how they can possibly hold down this PPS much longer.

      Long and strong


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • earnings whispers says $0.09

      I say $0.075

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      • well now news is out at least gc is finally open now.

        though they are still working on improving the production there.
        only a 10% production increase though for silver and lots of increases to other base minerals.

        gold increased by 7-8x. to about 15k gold
        that depending on mining cost would be good.

        25 million worth of gold mined. or 21 million worth of gold increase.
        640 silver from gc mines = 19-20 million increase
        lead + zinc 17mil
        tin and sulfur?
        sulfur they got 20 million pounds from gc mines

        PS: Seems sulfur costs more on the market than lead and zinc meaning that 20 million pounds of sulfur is very valuable.

        so AT least 60 million+ increase in production revenues.

        not too bad. I didnt expect sulfur to be one of the main drivers of GC mines actually and only counted silver lead + zinc.

        seems they found more uses of the ore itself.

        good for them to be resourceful.

        actually svm base minerals mining is going higher than silver itself right now. anyway doesn't matter that much as silver was always a byproduct metal.

        GC mines seem to be 1/2 base metals mine 1/2 silver mine though.

        some data on uses of sulfur since we will be having a lot of it now: ps sulfur is not cheap

        Elemental sulfur is mainly used as a precursor to other chemicals. Approximately 85% (1989) is converted to sulfuric acid (H2SO4):
        2 S + 3 O2 + 2 H2O → 2 H2SO4
        With sulfuric acid being of central importance to the world's economies, its production and consumption is an indicator of a nation's industrial development.[53] For example with 32.5 million tonnes in 2010, the United States produces more sulfuric acid every year than any other inorganic industrial chemical.[24] The principal use for the acid is the extraction of phosphate ores for the production of fertilizer manufacturing. Other applications of sulfuric acid include oil refining, wastewater processing, and mineral extraction.[16]

      • yahoo says 8 pennies esentrik... I am getting quite a bit annoyed at the way the market makers are rigging the market as always.

        they already showed obvious favortism and making up excuses all the time in how they do their analysing.

      • ? still 9 cents didnt yahoo update theirs to 9 pennies?

        I just logged into other brokers I applied to in the past and looked at some of their data.

        seems some have 9 pennies as well.

        they lowered hl cde and all the other miners eps by A WHOLE lot while keeping svm eps the same.

        is that really fair?
        IS that legal? I guess it is the market makers can make up their own story.

        Hence why eps on earnings is no point anymore like I said.
        Until they actually treat SVM fairly instead of being
        bias the whole analyst thing is a sham.

        svm may as well as report 0 earnings this quarter and just buy back their stock rather than put extra effort humoring wall street that wants them dead anyway.

        then take it to Hong kong exchange instead of nyse instead.
        if you guys have time call them and ask them if they are interested in HK exchange instead of nyse.

        there is no need to dilute shares they can just buy some here and relist them in HK slowly.
        or they can slowly buyback more and more eventually it will be all too easy to take it private.

    • check back to see if the eps matches your estimates.

    • Today is the D-day. Pump it up.

    • I have never seen the data and # put out by ryuo82. all he posted is who is right , who is wrong. can we leave that to court? I challenge you put your # here before earnings. you have 5 days to do so.

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      • ps it would still be better than HL which has what only to meet 3 pennies? seriously now?

        I call bias wallstreet

      • sorry for extremely long post but as you have read 8 cents for now until I know gc mines are open.

      • fine then fasebyao since you want useless information such as eps predictions I'll just make a flimsy prediction then.
        since you want useless data.

        0.08 eps then
        just as most analysts are expecting.

        though I wish they would lower their forecasts more like they did for other miners.
        as you very well know they lowered their forecasts much more on the other miners especially the american miners ,,, seems bias to me imo. never the less still. probably hit and then still find an excuse to short svm like always.

        earnings dont matter in the mining space as you should very well know. they will short it if they want regardless of earnings. If they dont want they will pump it regardless of earnings.

        we saw that last year when cde hl etc etc missed earnings and they still pumped it up just because HF bought lots of calls and such.

        doesn't really matter as what matters is the announcement of the mines opening up finally in the grand scheme of things.

        Anyway EPS = pointless if you want the HF to buy or sell. THEY will pump you if they want to regardless.

        higher eps might give them less reasons to short you though at least.
        doesn't mean they will buy you or like you.

        as such I have given up on relying on eps to determine the fate of svm.

        svm hit the earnings and they still sold it off more so than other miners whom missed it by a huge margin. what did they expect more? when others missed more and they bought them?
        yeah very fair now right?

        and fasebyao I am somewhat busy you know I cannot just spam post like so many of you. Sometimes you guys aggravate me enough to force me to post though when I can be using my time for more productive measures than spamming on the internet trying to educate people of the wall street fraud.

        I spend some of my time using tutorials on the net on everything btw maybe more people should do this eh?

        ps given that prices of silver were overall up compared to last quarter the price of silver sold after smelting and costs should be around 24-25 dollars instead of 23 dollars after the smelt.

        remember you brought it up? taxes and expensed already calculated so real sell price is around 33-35 dollars that was for 3 months at least up to dec 12 even.

        lets say say 34 + 5% = about 35? remember metals exchange in china always are about 5% higher than the comex because they carry ONLY PHYSICAL.

        and vat and smelting charges take away 25%-30% so it brings it down.

        silver = 35 dollars lets say it was sold for
        24.5-26.25 meaning that it would be that amount for sales.

        given that it would at least add 1 penny as the min.
        thus fasebyao you gave the min eps svm could get already.

        unless there is unexpected expenses like the legal fees from 2011 that JON forced on SVM about 9 million-11 million say 4-5 pennies per share during that time. svm should have beaten their earnings estimate in 2011.

        so yes Jon was trying to waste svm cash. I hope that there are no new legal fees created by Jon against svm for NO reason. If that is the case then I would say sabotage by him.
        We shall see where extra expenses lie then.

        do not forget zinc,copper,nickel also went up by 10-20% since that time.

        but still will depend on if they were able to do their jobs instead of wasting their time on Jon.
        he can be dealt with by knowledgeable people in the industry instead, all they need to do is put out relevant data for us to refute Jon and not give him any excuses anymore to spam.

        but I am sure he prepared an article on the day of earnings to spam spam and spam.
        with useless data. be sure to scan his blog and see what he is up to and quickly refute them.

        but he will likely mail dumb HF they will still listen to him and ask for their support regardless of the outcome.

        such is the nature of the corruption of wall street.
        EVEN if svm beats wall street will still short them unless they want to actually pump them.
        the only thing people can do is realize the truth and monitor what hf actually want to do at that instance.

        chart reading is a form of predicting what others want to do after all. it is not exactly science

        note: it is psychology of traders. perception.

        ... look at facebook.... look at the trash linkedin? doing everything right? for gods sakes eps still SUCK.

        can you say bubble social networking? if there was no borrowing costs to short then it would be the PERFECT short but because there are borrowing costs and we dont know when it will crash we cannot bet on them before we lose all our money waiting.

        markets can act irrational longer than you can remain solvent after all.

    • Here is detailed # I posted on Jan 23, 2013.

      silver/eq production 1.45 million x realized selling price 25.1 =36.3 million
      lead/zinc revenue = 17 million, total revenue 53.3 million.

      net profit margin = 22%, net profit = 11.7 million
      EPS = $0.07

      on the yahoo est eps is 0.08, 7 days ago was $0.09.
      more important is GC status.

    • MAJOR disappointment in the making, at least for the hyper-bullish hypster boardsters here. $0.06 tops. Perhaps a gnarly Nickel. And then it'll be...

      take it down, break it down!

    • mark my words here.

      0.07 EPS at most, which missed 0.01.
      delayed GC production.
      revised down projection of 2014 silver production from 9.7 to 9.0 million.

    • .08-.09 eps 80%

      Surprise upside of .10eps from the sale of stockpiled ore. 10%

      .07 eps 10%