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  • rjh1991 rjh1991 Feb 28, 2013 9:51 AM Flag

    Share buyback

    Here is where the rubber meets the road. The company has plenty of cash & prospects going forward that I would hope they are buying the maximum number of shares each and every day. ryugo-do you think they are buying each and everyday?

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    • Still ZERO shares repurchased under the buyback so far... only more options granted.

      Go to site:
      in bottom navigation, click "Access public filings"
      in left navigation, click "View summary reports"
      select report "Insider transaction detail", click next
      Select: Issuer name (enter "Silvercorp")
      Date of filing date range (you can do whatever period you want. The repurchase period started Feb 1st.)
      Click "Search" button at bottom of page.

    • The NCIB stock repurchase status is all public information, so I assume you knew the answer to this before posting the question, but maybe not. Certainly the large investors do keep tabs on the progress, and I'm sure Ryugo knows -- which is why he avoids mentioning the subject.

      You can get reports on daily filings from: SEDI -dot- ca

      The answer is: since February 1st, the company has been permitted to repurchase 55,693 shares/day. (With a "Block Purchase Exception" to exceed the daily limit once per week.)

      So far they have purchased... ZERO shares.

      I guess you can infer from this that either: they don't have a serious intent to repurchase shares, but merely wanted to announce a "plan"; or they do intend to purchase shares at an attractive price, but don't feel the current price is low enough; or perhaps there is some unreleased reason they are not permitted to purchase right now. In any event, I'm sure it is not inspiring confidence that neither the company, nor the insiders, have purchased a single share even as the stock makes year-lows.

      • 8 Replies to asianvest
      • to asianvest:
        as you can see there are a large sum of people that are fakes right now spamming the boards.
        those are easy to tell fakes and spamming other spam websites.

        anyway Shall I dig some data up for you?
        look for the metalaugmentor site and do a search for svm.
        you will come across the rebuttal many miner analysts themselves put up.

        which destroyed his argument which btw now Jon carnes disowns even though it showed up on his blog.
        oops. it is there but he wont even say it is his now or tries not to talk about it anyway.

        all those things proven false yet he wont admit he is wrong. and yes he did say svm was a fraud a 1.5 billion dollar one during that time. he doesn't want to say it now because of COURT orders and by his lawyer suggestions.

        he spams on the forums and complains every single time svm makes a rebuttal if the lawyers fake lawsuit was not by his group then why is he complaining about the rebuttal to the public about that case. he has nothing to do with it right? so why is he complaining eh?

        later on I had shut him up by reminding him his group committed crimes in china by stealing ore no matter the worth of it. he says it is worth a few dollars but his whole case then and shorting of svm was based on that ore so to speak. thus it would be worth millions or all the profits he made from that so called cheap ore he stole.

        he later said that was not stealing as he only picked it from the ground. and I have reminded him stalking someone and taking their possessions without permission even though they were there and then you know whom it belonged to is the definition of stealing and then HE SHUT up about that now.
        or talked much less about it.

        there is more look at the 2 articles in summer of 2012 by alfred little or jon carnes himself on seeking alpha
        READ THE COMMENTS it proves my point as I was the one whom did the calculations for him and proved the point that he was trying to commit fraud AGAIN.

        he can say he is ignorant of course. an opinion

      • sorry typo psychologically try to trick people as though I have ties to svm.

        the svm slide show person probably isn't even the company but someone else maybe Jon carnes side. care to comment on a case by case basis instead of spamming how right you were on other cases?

        I said already present facts not toute brand loyalty in people's faces to win credibility that shows your argument is bad

        again why did Jon not even bother pointing out the disclaimers?

      • also asianvest whomever reported me on seekingalpha for posting comments you all really stink.

        also creating a user name on the slides website Jon himself uses then connecting a user name same as this one to it when I have nothing to do with it also REEKS of fraud by your supporters and group.

        when you try to steal my ID and try to imply a physocological tactic then I know you types are real frauds.

      • ps asianvest you should know by my grammar and mannerisms my english is better than you possibly?

        hmm? except maybe capitalization because I am lazy.
        the lot of you have too much grammar mistakes to be an educated american.

        and I have commented on that already you are stupid because you didnt read my old posts.

        or were they too long for you because I type too fast.
        sorry I use the computer as my job.

      • should I cite the purchases from the insiders themselves though afterwards your group and Jon carnes lackies and supporters seem to have went ahead and hired lawyers to sue for no reason covering all the pages for months.

        then now after it is nearing the deadline as no one but poor idiots joined. hence 7k shares only which at most would have been less than 70k if svm shares went down to 0 meaning it is less than 30-50k loss.

        the bare min that was asked was 100k as well those 2 people dont even fit the bill one bit.

        and also the lawsuit mentioned kun huang which helped Jon carnes steal ore. which means he deserves jail time in the first place.

        no ifs and or buts. stealing property is stealing property and it is premediated rather than by accident. stalking and then picking up their belongings? yes that is the definition of stealing.

        and sorry man you know the 3-4 articles Jon came out with attacking svm even though share prices got hit badly, jon carnes/alfred little is STILL wrong no matter what even if svm goes to 0 he is wrong.

        mainly because he used bad data. and also lied himself.
        so yes he deserves jail sentencing by the way he carries himself.
        no matter how you weasels his way out

        I know you are a china company shorter no matter what but again shall we add svm is a canadian company not china company.

        if that is the cash short APPLE. go on lots are shorting anyway it should be safe enough.

      • Thanks asianvest!! I assumed it would be public but had no idea where to find it. Do you have any opinions on the company?? Your post seems intelligent compared to most of the @#$% that is on hear.

      • time to dispell your nonsense.

        they did in fact purchase some during january recently you know aparently that was not enough to satisfy you.

        but that already discredits your claim. also you post too much on china fraud forums. making you very suspect to not even reading the data we all presented to destroy any credibility the china short fan boys of jon carnes.

        sorry no dice. I can see your old posts you know

      • I'm having trouble finding that information on sedi website. which category is it under?

        So your telling me they have not bought one single share so far?
        Is there anything that could keep them from buying?

    • I second that. At this price, I think it would be dumb if the company doesn't get out there and buy as many shares as they could.

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