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  • rjh1991 rjh1991 Mar 2, 2013 11:58 AM Flag

    Ryugo please answer this and nothing else

    OK I got your response on insider buys. Great happy they own shares too. Now the price is much lower than their buys. If asianvest is correct and SVM has bought no shares since the buyback started and IR can't return any calls or e-mails and never gets a question during a conference call. You tell me what that means??? To me it means they don't care about their shareholders period. And if your answer says anything about JON Carnes or me being lazy I don't want to hear it. Thanks again for you time away from lunch!

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    • and rjh1991 I would like to have some fun on my day off sometimes too I wont spend the whole day here as I will be going out shortly and doing other things.

      stop wasting my time and read my whole post I know they are long but the answers to your questions were already there. anyway bye!

    • I do hope that makes it clear now! and telling me to not call you guys lazy and excluding jon out of the discussion is out of the question!

    • so the answer was answered already as well when I responded way before. and I have already said buybacks didnt start yet what is your point. told you already.

      and yes I am disappointed with buyback not starting yet and have sent an email regarding that weeks ago.
      but you seem to keep missing that post with annoys the heck out of me as you keep asking the same thing and then tack it on again and again.

      well just sell already I said. it doesn't matter. I already sold calls regardless but you seem to just want to get quick profit and run.

      that seems to be your intentions anyway so what does the buyback serve then if they sacrifice the business in the process? serves no purpose hence I said to do it when they can.

    • anyway I am still glad at least you were able to find the data which asianvest said didnt happen.

      the buybacks are a different story. we telling them to do it may not prompt them to do so.
      I dont want to force them to do it after all.

      you guys may want them to use up all their cash to do so but I dont want that. if the business needs the cash first I have said to use it on production first then buybacks

      hence the business comes first before shareholders.. as long as the shareholders own the business.


      and to say dont mention Jon is being ridiculous it is in fact because of his SPAM that it makes it harder to communicate with the company.

      now he says he acknowledges svm is a real company with operations and productions.

      he confirmed it himself that it is not sino forest nor is it any of his other companies he did in the past.
      read his own comments.

      but now he is saying they could pull a puda and transfer all assets to others. oh boy.

      then he should probably look at the prospectus and that is a big deal there. and they also have properties in canada. to say they would pull a puda would mean that they abandon all their lives in canada to live in china?

      really? he makes no sense now...nothing else to argue now he makes those accusations.

    • also rjh1991 this is why i suspect they don't even read our emails anymore.
      they likely put them into their spam folder or they got covered up.

      if they did they would not fear responding and taking calls.

      but you say jon carnes has nothing to do with it?

      When they took calls they got insulted again by AL/Jon Carnes. so what do you want them to take calls again and get insulted by him again afterwards for nothing every single time and afterwards the hf uses it as an excuse to short again on bs articles that did nothing? that is exactly what happened.

      thinking on both sides. if only they actually read my emails then they would know what to do and how to respond in many of the instances.

      too bad. their morale has been sapped by the banksters that they dont trust people too much now.
      maybe if you know rui real personal email then try emailing them.

      if you send spam though then he will probably put you on, block or junk folder.

    • actually asianvest was not the only one whom said it.

      fasebyao and I already discussed about it even you know about it. but you seem to say asianvest was the only one whom said it? oh please.

      we all know. the buybacks have not started yet. what do you want me to do spam them day in day out just to annoy them? they probably have a junk folder for all of us at this point if they are full.

      when svm was not spammed maybe they would have some time to read them but now they are constantly spammed by us I dont even know if the emails or phone calls are even reaching them anymore.
      and to say they dont care about shareholders? that is fine no company or corp really cares. do you actually think any of you really care about other shareholders of course not 90% of the people on forums are fakes pump and dumpers short bashers and such people they dont put any real data out.

      apple? google? hpq? name a few companies that actually truly care about the shareholders and I have a bridge to sell you.

      one thing is at least they are giving a dividend and trying somewhat. jonathan hacksaw though may have not been trying too much though. he is not the company but a spokes person.

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      • I appreciate the answer & no would of Jon & me being lazy. Ok maybe the spam is there. But no shares bought back is unacceptable. And I've seen companies take questions in advance for conference calls or just give the number to a few select analyst. But at this point it seems no one even follows the company.
        Lastly, when Shirley was there she always had time to answer my e-mail or phone call. Yes that was before the whole Jon Carnes fun but never the less you'd think with everything that has gone on they would be more likely to answer investors. Lastly lastly you talk about moving all your money into your IRA to buy more shares. With all the unanswered questions I can't really believe you'd do that.