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  • aaronrichards3333 aaronrichards3333 Mar 2, 2013 12:32 PM Flag

    new to board

    Have read for a year. Got in at 4.73 which seemed low at the time and am a bit stunned now. Have digested all and still think this is a good investment that will pay back loss to date and gain. I bit confused about this board. Love the info, analysis and such. Very helpful. Don't really get all the squabbling between members. My hope is for and investment advice community since I am somewhat new to this. Don't want to get slammed and insulted. If that is norm, please tell me and I will exit. If you wish to be mutually helpful, I hope to be part of something like that and continue to learn.

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    • What the heck??!! The message I wrote, spending half an hour composing before the "continued" post below, and as the informative-to-newbies maxed out message meant to be as the first part of my post to you just went *POOF* from appearing on the board!

      At first after clicking 'Post,' it looks to be posted and onto the board...but now I see the whole effort I typed to you--about charting smartly and my advising consistently against a buy-and-hold mentality strategy--had just gotten ~disappeared~ for even the subtle hint of a web addy that's good for technical analysis fixating!!! :-) Do you believe the censoring going on with such stringent posting standards?!?

      Anyway, I was describing SVM 5-yr Daily price graph, with 20-, 50- and 200-day ema indicators...and the pitfuls of buying that rainbow like "rounding or rolling top" pattern once the arch rolls over and the stock goes sliding against avid buyers. You sell rallies then as a long, protecting and preserving your precious capital, or sell short and ride the slide. :-) Buy the short-term weakness on the left side's years of the rainbow...and sell/sell short the s/t "strength" that is fake on the downslide's years. Look at any 5-yr Daily high/low/close pricing graph and good luck to you in all your investments and trading decisions

    • (cont. from previous post)
      Although it is true that you do not want to make rash, sudden, spur of the moment buy/sell decisions, many times the best friend for, and To, your money is making those judgments pragmatically, and punctually enough to avoid carnage fiscally. The point is, the whole length of the chart is one massive arch, so whenevr you're _over the rainbow_ and fallen below the curves, you sell long and/or sell/short into rallies...many of which go TO various of those broken overhead areas, moving avg's, etc. On the left side (half) of the rainbow you buy on weakness. The right side you sell into strength. You can play that area, the right half of the arch when the stock's under it, as a shorter-term trader. One who can deftly offload their buys on modest rallies and books the gains, because, as you or any buyer since $10, $8, $6, then the break of $5 which was so definitive is rudely seeing from Mr. Market, the losses can be brutal and get significant really quick unless you learn to cut bait and limit your downsiders from exaggerating. Got any questions? Feel free to ask. Always try giving assertive and frank, unbiased opinions in an objective manner on both, the company's and the stock's outlooks. Gotta consider whether ya wanna unwind your shares upwards toward $4, or maybe above...or commit to a possibility that this may erode to lower-$3s or even perhaps into quotes of $2s. You probably know from reading here the good part of the last year I was here, what my views have been, right? Persistent S.O.S. signals! 'Cause who really can afford to hold a 20-25% loser become a 30-40% or more disaster, unless you have a diversified batch of about 5 to 8 other stocks, too? Anyway, Good Luck to you in all your investments and trades! My only so called _squabbling_ is with persistently stubborn people attacking me and my strategies and viewpoints regarding the markets and stocks.

    • I suggest you be sure to look at the company(s) websites and review the main data between "peers" , really that is the only way one can value these SILVER company's. They all report slightly different, for me I compare SVM, GPL, AG and PAAS. I am comparing PROFIT, P&P RESERVES and CASH FLOW. I only get data from the OFFICIAL SOURCES.

      A*L is making a killing shorting SVM for one basic reason: SVM has a lot of CASH and CASH is a target. SVM can't get in a News release battle with some blogger like Jon Carnes because the lawyers will sue. SVM must be very careful, even to the point of not responding to emails.

      SVM has lost production in the last few quarters and the GC mine is a couple of months behind. SVM has a tough 2012, including the confusing CORPORATE PRESENTATIONS. I am hoping that the managers will simply focus on getting GC producing and getting the new Ying mining process on board. Nothing else matters.

      • 3 Replies to bowmacwood
      • anyway oops is still here apparently... i wish i didnt need to see his shadow though he is ignored.

        fasebyao was a better person to debate with admittingly. oops could learn more from fasebyao if he wants to put up his bs.

      • I keep asking him to compare data with other miners too but he never does that he always go the short cut route as well.

        it would have been a good article to criticize the whole industry as the cost of production is going up due to real inflation. and also forecasts were off.

        but instead he wants to pick on only one company.

        figures though. bias.

        and you know what I think the vat tax rebate is why the company thinks the cashflow will increase.
        because you do in fact get a tax refund at the end of the year for those that remember what vat taxes are.

        We just dont know how much 34 million would be the max I think they can get and the rest of the cash flow might come from other sources 71 million + 34 = 105 then just 22 million left.

        160 million was a mistake on bmo analysts by 17.65 million and the unexpected higher inflation costs + some power issues may make up for the rest of the cash flow short fall.

        instead of explaining the reasons he looks to bash instead.
        he is not asking but accusing. and it is not opinion but in fact trying to establish his own perception of fact.

      • its ok we can do a shouting contest with AL.

        he seems to always leave some GLARING mistake staring right in our faces and we found it in 10 seconds.

        well as fast as you could have clicked those charts of his with the BMO data.

        how many times does this make? is it more than 3 times in articles? why I think it is!
        When will he admit. he was wrong?

        actually now he admits svm is a real operation but they could pull out the properties from the shareholders...

        really now? with some of their families and personal properties in canada? they wont make it out with their families.

    • well i dont know whom gave you a thumbs down just because you are a newbie...
      seems like the ego maniacs....

    • aaronrichards3333. hello aaronrichard though you are new at least you are respectful the no post history doesn't help but thats where your quality of posting needs to be shown that you are a real person instead of a drone.

      most people on forums spam post and it shows that they are fakes or have agendas.
      they dont do analysis but rather make up bs.
      if we are wrong you you are wrong it is fine just correct ourselves or yourselves. dont be like those ego maniacs that cant accept some parts of the data is wrong and need to be checked.

      yes I was wrong on about the chart being 9.7 silv eq and found it a bit off that previous was so low.
      being the production estimates as I thought it was base metals + gold + silver and their previous presentation a few years back before AL/JON carnes came to show was based on silver eq with the base metal included.
      if I remember correctly that is.

      hence I said as such. 7.8 we know is gold+ silver.

      I suggest reading other miner income statements as well like HL being the closest cash cost with svm from a mining production standpoint.

      look at also exk ag paas all their fiscal statements and compare them and analyze them.
      dont be like Jon and many here whom only look at svm but look at the whole industry and how they operate and report.

      their key differences etc. then you can make an objective , no bias conclusion instead of following the noise.