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  • ryugo82 ryugo82 Mar 17, 2013 10:35 PM Flag

    The topic of the week: lets discuss CYPRUS: will the banks be stealing money in the USA outright mf global style or CYPRUS STYLE MORE?

    yes topic. The topic of the week: Cyprus.
    all over the business news now. Whats going to happen to euro dollar gold silver miners necessities?

    it already happened once when MF global happened.
    now CYPRUS is going on with the blessing of the government to steal from the segregated accounts.
    Can we all say we told them so that it would happen?

    fiat is getting extremely dangerous to hold.
    food water energy then investments like gold/silver etc would be wise.

    heck aging wine would be good and better than the dollar/any fiat

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    • Most banks resort to theft, basically, thay have to b/c they're so poorly run they'd be out of business if they didn't. Cyprus can't print, so they were forced out of the darkness into the sunlight for a moment. Vampires, they are.

    • bullet proof vests and gas masks get them and ones for radiation contamination too.
      lead will be very good choice as a building material as people prepare just in case.

      /ammo/guns weapons etc
      those types of commodities you know has demand no matter what that can be stored for a long long time.
      toilet paper may be wise to stock up while they are cheaper than the USD btw.

      notice: toilet paper also getting more expensive.

      stock up and prepare for financial stealing by the powers that be throughout the world.

      in the mean time USA will keep trying to export inflation and destroy other countries. But also their fed and member banks too conducting financial terrorism like this. oops.

      Remember the money as debt video?

      there is NO MONEY IN EXISTENCE to pay off the debt and inflation has to spiral to infinity otherwise the whole thing collapses in a flash of smoke.

      banks have all the gold then right or all the fiat.

      WHAT regular Joes can choose to do is NOT deal in the fiat then and go back to bartering with other items. The problem though has always been trust of course.

      Stock up on food you will use it anyway and food harvests were not all that good this/last year don't forget.
      ahem drought and earthquakes etc. 2012

      But wow this year more outright stealing by the government itself.
      TAX HAVEN Off shore accounts are in danger sorry rich folk not part of the elite they are targeting your assets there.

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