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  • ryugo82 ryugo82 Mar 25, 2013 4:40 PM Flag

    To those that stick their heads in the sand and wont deal with the cyprus fact that banksters are stealing

    give it up they and your kind are #$%$ and vampire squids.
    you are all terrorists for supporting them.


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    • It is funny because we can tell how big this news is by the numerous thumbs down we are getting. Notice how scared the shorts are ? They do not even want to reply on the topic of Cyprus because they don't understand how the world fiat system works.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I agree Ryu.

      It will be interesting of the fallout from all of this; expect some high level assassinations when oligarch money is stolen. Although Putin put his approval on it, there are sure to be some ripples in this lake of fire.

      The only good outcome from all of this is that the EU is enforcing austerity through theft or through deleveraging, and the Euro has risen because of this.

      What are our overlords in the US doing? Instead Congress pretends to tackle the budget while they spend $1 plus trillion deficits a year, on top of the Federal Reserve's $1.02 Trillion splurge through QEternal.

      I won't be surprised if 401K's in the US are nationalized and a levy is enforced on them in the next 2 years.

      There is no fan for the dung to hit anymore; we will have to liquidate it and sell it to recapitalize our 20-1 leveraged banks that have over $200 Trillion in Derivatives that are reinsured through CDSs. We are so interconnected now, that a small fart like Cyprus creates a cancerous tumor in the lungs and can destroy the whole system at a moments notice.

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      • ah no wonder they changed the rules of the game I was wondering how they got 600 trillion.
        true we cannot exactly account for the total derivatives in the world.

        supposidly we can say they have 600 trillion but it could be 2x that for all we know as they hide it. we cannot rule that out after all.

        how can 100+ trillion in derivatives just go poof just like that right? there has to be more hidden derivative bombs in place and they may have moved it to the black market.

        but even after changing the rules 600 trillion eh? really.... sheesh.* shakes head in disgust.*
        also these sobs keep thumbing us down for no reason when we are actually discussing something important unlike their spam.

      • @ryu

        I am talking about derivatives at just US banks. The total derivatives market is actually 1.2 Quadrillion, not the falsely quoted 600 trillion by the mainstream. The IMF decided it would be in the best interest of the current fiat system if they changed the rules of derivatives valuations and therefore they cut 600 trillion off the valuation methods.

        JPM alone has approx 70-75 trillion in derivative exposure. The US banks in total have around 200-220 trillion in total derivative exposure.

      • actually it was 770 trillion and now went down to 600 trillion

        but base money m0 is at 3 trillion right now for the dollar and it went up from 2.8 trillion last 2-3 months.

        meaning expansion of base money itself. this puts a hard floor on the amount of deflation that will occur. 8-10% higher so to speak.

        notice silver dropped down to 26 last year and now it hits a wall around 28 dollars. almost exactly as it hits base money. it could be just that base money is determining the bottom now.

        Cyrpus I believe as many others do as well a test phase of stealing money. if nothing happens these heathens will go around making up excuses to steal money throughout the rest of the world.

        Instead of indirect stealing property they will choose to steal them outright. Some heads need to roll to send a clear message to these thieves.

        why is it that all bank deposits will be taxed instead of just the 2 banks that failed?
        are they stupid?

        pushing the burden on the rest.

        the stockholders of those banks should have went under. they are private companies meaning the heads will have to roll hence they refused eh?

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