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  • clay.autery clay.autery Mar 26, 2013 10:30 AM Flag

    Poor pathetic thieves...

    ...of all stripes. Charts so blatantly revealing their manipulation (look at Ag bullion trace the last several weeks), while they scramble for the last few crumbs. Just a matter of time before the market slaps them around like the punks they are.

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    • well clay as you can see from all the thumbs down on cyprus news they are banksters prowling around.

      namely those that are implementing the cyrpus stealing of money.

      anyway these #$%$ are too afraid now of being assassinated by the mafia or the poor rebelling hence they pulled back a slight bit. but in doing that they now don't have nearly enough to deal with their problems.

      they may devise fleecing certain people completely from 20% to maybe 70% of their deposits...

      rich folk should be warned their money is now gone then. delay until Thursday.... quite sad.
      If i were them I would take as much liquid euros as possible and convert it to physical assets as quickly as possible.

      they are preventing this from happening or trying hard to anyway. they are probably busy printing BASE money or m0 now.

      ALSO silver itself our base money is now 3 trillion dollars from 2 months ago 2.8 trillion dollars it has jumped enormously.

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      • This board, or the service we're using which Provides the board, has become totally dispicable. Are you having trouble getting messages to post, if they'e being eaten and they just disappear after clicking the 'Post' button? I have. I've typed several messages thus far today here, two alone in this particular Topic , to clay and one to you...and at first after clicking 'Post' it appears the text IS actually posted. But as soon as I move back to viewing the page of Topics listed, all it keeps showing is my name and how long ago I submitted the post. WHERE THE HECK ARE THE MESSAGES THOUGH??!!??

        This happened Sunday evening, too, when I THOUGHT I had made a few posts to ica1bahn. Is anyone else noticing this posting problem also???