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  • ryugo82 ryugo82 Apr 7, 2013 11:58 PM Flag

    Hyperinflation in Japan?

    woah look at her go. also
    Japanese Finance Ministry Warns Surge In JGB Volatility May Lead To A Sharp Bond Selloff
    basically the central bank of japan will likely monetize all debt and destroy their bond markets.

    oi vay.


    people we need to pray for them a-bomb fukushima + now hyperinflation
    they are plagued by maniacal leaders

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    • I guess Japanese will rush into eurodebt, Spain and Italy rates dropping yet?

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      • also you know the person whom made bit coins used a japanese pseudonym

        they japanese may go that way instead of even the dollar if not gold and silver.

        BUT also I consider Japanese smart people thus I will think common sense people will buy gold and silver instead if they actually want to protect wealth.

        stocks as well of course. but in all essence. you get the picture.
        this will be a template of how hyperinflation will occur in the usa boys.
        a developed country.

        lets watch the show.... though I pity the japanese people.

      • hmm? never know I do know bit coins are now 150+

        actually LOOK

        Last price:$169.55000 High:$174.47000 Low:$143.01000 Volume:76240 BTC Weighted Avg:$158.87010

        amazing it breached 170 bit coins.

        woah it pretty much made another 20-30% increase IN 1 DAY MY GOD.
        hyper deflation in bit coins though.