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  • clay.autery clay.autery Apr 25, 2013 8:55 AM Flag

    Be careful here....

    I love that Ag and SVM are moving higher, don't get me wrong... But the spike on the NYMEX and pre-market is being augmented by a 1/2 percent decrease int he dollar's value today.... IF that trend reverses and the dollar strengthens intra-day, you may see a reversal in bullion.

    Don't want anyone to open a new position on an intra-day high is all...

    IF you are buying for the long term.... go for it.

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    • Well, I obviously and completely mis-judged today's trading... :)

      I didn't take into consideration the futures settlement action and the exit of a bunch of bullion shorts... Oh well... so I made a little less money than I would have. I can live with it.

    • I am aggressively buying and adding more SVM and BRD to my pile, knowing it is only a matter of time before the tide turns big time. Paper money all over the world will deteriorate in time with exception of China and they will lag behind the rest of the world. USA has to reverse their consumption trend of foreign products and become a major exporter to keep the Dollar up front. I am long term investor and not worried about the daily swings of precious metals.