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  • boulmichone boulmichone Apr 25, 2013 11:42 AM Flag

    ALLL ABOARRRD! This gravy train is leaving the station for ...

    ... BONANAZAVILLE! Watch as we ROAR pass $2.50, $3, $3.50 and on to BONANAZAVILLE at 5!!

    Don't be one of those mopes left on the station platform crying" if only, if only I bought" when silver was under $30 as it will soar pass $30 and UPWARD AND ONWARD!

    So don't delay, BUY TODAY!!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Your style of writing sounds like our resident basher, Oopsie. You are his anti-thesis

      • 1 Reply to esentrik27
      • OMG!!! You indeed Are eccentric, esentrik. Just like me, 'cause I was thinking the same thing! Get this though, I almost DID write a msg like that last night, even as Ag was still barely up from yesterday's close!

        Seriously! Look at the RVLT 3-yr, then SVM's...with all the Rsi, Macd, Parabolic SAR, Stoc, indicators on the chart, then go back and forth again. Do that with a Weekly or Daily view. Either will work.

        Ya see? Very possible for that former's turnaround to be seen here, and the perfect type of stock recovery the SVM's wanna see...going bang, bang, bang stairstepping 1-2-3 on 20-, 50- and 200-period timeframe. Watch out! Ain't a guarantee of course as there are no such things in the stock casino, however oopsi has seen enough years with frequently recurring patterns like this to realize, hmmm, I'm definitely out of the way when little fireworks are going off all over markets and partially recommitting the way...uhm, What He Said!!!

        Ahhh, us eccentric people, huh? The established positions on the record of mine from a couple days ago are still intact, although I can do a triple-h trade at any time now and probably will look to S.O.S., taking 1/3 to 1/2 the trade to the checkout counter tomorrow, keeping the rest fer the possible Boom-Boom. Can't argue with sidelining a bit of profit cash for weekend for reallocating to physical next week. Desired: selection of 2013 MS-70 Silver Eagles on the down low! Thank Me Very Much!!!