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  • clay.autery clay.autery Apr 26, 2013 11:38 AM Flag

    Bear trap?

    Someone is trying to snap a bear trap closed in the bullion markets...

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    • hmm well clay with all the mints and shops out of physical who knows what they are doing.

      but sure as heck the premiums going up and up even the generics.

      rounds for that matter people advertising SHOTS? seriously? those are industrial silver not rounds or even bullion for that matter to justify their argument of lower silver prices.


      at least rounds not shots.
      bars? they are even more expensive than shots many places.

      it use to be like 10-20 cents over spot for bars and shots now it is 200% higher in premiums.

      rounds use to be less than 99 cents now they are 150 or so cents.
      unreal they even buy it back for above spot for rounds...

      as we all observe ourselves.

      now for youtube video makers they still say there is no shortage among the silver community that use to be silver stackers.

      LIKE SERIOUSLY? they seen it themselves the premiums went up but of course the spread also went up.

      like no duh.

      it is 2008 all over again for silver and miners etc even without the market crash.
      sorry the dow S+P nasdaq etc markets do in fact have to crash.

      reason why not is because they have unlimited fiat.

    • Or perhaps it's another attempt to run the stops?
      Dollar down AND Au/Ag prices just dropped off the table...

      Wonder if it will recover? Feint or a real effort?