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  • asianvest asianvest Apr 28, 2013 8:34 PM Flag

    New Pacific's new Director...

    Seems like Rui Feng has a new companion on the Board of New Pacific Metals by the name of Fengzeng Yang.

    He's not yet listed on the company's website, and there hasn't been any news releases on the matter, and nothing filed with the Canadian regulators on SEDAR... but apparently Mr. Yan was awarded an option grand of 100,000 NUX shares in early April and identified as a Director of Issuer. This occurred right after New Pacific acquired Fortress Mining/Qinghai Found/Ran Zhe Yong (RZY) Project from Silvercorp.

    Perhaps there is some hidden value in the mining project Silvercorp just sold, and Mr. Yan was more interested in getting options in NUX than SVM... (wouldn't it be ironic if RZY turns out to be wildly profitable for New Pacific)... or perhaps there's another explanation.

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    • Hey Ryugo, here's the bio you asked for (now that the appointment has been announced on the NUX website):

      "Mr. Yan was appointed to the Board of Directors of New Pacific Metals Corp in May 2013. A geologist by profession, Mr. Yan has over 30 years of experience and prior to his retirement in 2011 he was the Chief Geologist at The Gold Headquarters for 11 years. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Geology with a major in Mineral Exploration and a Masters Degree in Economic Geology from Changchun College of Geology as well as a MBA from Florida State University. Currently Mr Yan is Vice Chairman of the China Gold Association and Vice President of the Geological Society of China."

      (If you're wondering, "The Gold Headquarters" is also called "The Gold Headquarters of China Armed Police Force", it is a division of the Chinese government.)

      Perhaps Mr. Yan's appointment and options grant is in appreciation of outstanding police work.

    • asianvest you sure have been working hard haven't you?

      I wonder if this is your job at this point.
      but alas. google doesn't bring up anything which means you may have gotten it from baidu on the china side and has used google translate unless you are chinese yourself and can read chinese yourself that is.

      of course they need someone extra to manage the chinese division.
      but you now cite 57k worth of shares? that is pennies well practically pennies.

      unless you believe is going up a few dollars that is.
      well then please go buy it then you seem to be bullish on now lol.

      ps shareholders of are complaining rzy is early stages and may not produce anything for a while for but it is indeed cheap so of course it is early development maybe they will find something maybe not.

      but you can now complain they are a chinese fraud too now that they have some chinese properties in development now can't you. well go bash them some more if you want. though I don't think there is any meaning to bashing it at this point as you destroyed the stock price already.

      amazingly they still have cash to buy properties and buybacks slowly though as well as resolving the issue in tagish lake without a hitch. though with all the trouble tagish is giving is it profitable to mine when prices of silver and gold is so low? who knows.

      I would hold off on expensive development over there for a long while as prices are too low to justify development of new mines.

      but anyway. don't work too hard now
      we all know what you guys are up to already.

      take a break and relax once in awhile. *yawn*