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  • fasebyao fasebyao May 24, 2013 9:32 PM Flag

    A good sign for turn-around of silver price is the decrease of silver production by silver miners.

    SVM reduced silver production by 40% last Q when compared to previous Q. it is a good sigh for silver industry.

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    • actually fasebyao I think I remember svm doing this in 2008 actually as they went into 2009 before Jon even opened his big fat mouth and lured all his minions here.

      lookie lookie
      the head grades so to speak
      287.0 316.0 394.8 311.6 420.3

      namely look at 2008 to 2009 why the big drop?
      then the next year when silver started to go back up suddenly increase in grades.

      this spells to me they conserve the good ore for when prices are reasonable.
      and when prices fall off the cliff like now they smelt the bad stuff first.

      besides the 10% decline in ore grade per year most miners face.

      besides we both know svm is capable of more than this amount of production in mined ore. even jon carnes knows this.

      though he wont admit it. fact is svm didnt mine much ore this quarter at all. probably intentionally probably due to strikes.

      but the lower silver and gold prices should have helped their negotiations with the labor saying to them

      "if you don't like it walk we cannot afford your wages when the price of the commodity dropped so much. Sorry.
      your wages are linked to the price of gold and silver + the base metals if they do badly so will your wages so to speak.
      we can only give you what we can profit from after all"

      I guess svm should thank the banksters for crashing silver and gold so svm can negotiate better labor contracts.

      all of us know china has inflation problems due to USA our federal reserve conducting currency war of devaluation and china pegs the currency to ours to steal money from her people.

      so we essentially control china monetary policy as well from the federal reserve.

    • well I wish the miners would give us the silver to shareholders already some of us have been saying this for years even but no miner has done so yet

    • well I think fasebyao means good sign but thats just me.


      anyway exk is also planning to severely lower mining now.
      I think all responsible miners should follow suit.

      besides the mining grades are going down only because new fresh mines coming online that they have higher grades while old mines go down in lower grades.

    • Sigh or Sign? Makes a big difference. IMO.