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  • asianvest asianvest May 28, 2013 11:42 AM Flag

    Director David Kong buys 20,000 shares today.


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    • So, on May 28/29 David Kong (and Anaconda) bought 30,000 shares.

      Then shortly later, on June 3rd, he was given an option grant for 10,000 more.

      The really odd thing is, according to the filings, he was the ONLY Director granted options in June. So it kinda, sorta, looks like the 10k options grant was a sweet reward for having been the only insider to personally buy shares during the company repurchase plan period. Doesn't offer much confidence if he requires a bonus just for investing in the stock.

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      • Interestingly, the insider-trades information I've posted on above almost perfectly coincides with the stock trading over the past four weeks. It isn't the only way to interpret the chart, but it is a framework that fits nicely.

        In late May, the stock price was somewhat flat around $2.70-2.80.

        Then, on May 29th, it was filed that Director David Kong had made insider purchases -- the first such purchases since the company had initiated its "buy-back" plan in February. Immediately, after the disclosure the stock began trading up to around $3.20 on June 3rd.

        Then, on June 4th, it was filed that David Kong was also awarded 10k options (and he was the only Director to get any options in that period). Immediately the stock price began trading back down to the $2.70 level again.

        It might be total coincidence, but the stock price chart matches exactly the public SEDI filings on insider trades. It's consistent with the notion that many investors are looking to the buy-back and insider trading activity (or lack of) as indicative of the insiders faith in the company prospects.

        And judging from the lack of purchases, there isn't much faith there.

      • oh hello asianvest I see you are still hired by your boss and working hard as is your life being so pathetic.

        but at any rate.

        I shall remind you most companies give their employees stock discounts like staples and many other companies.

        if you read their benefits package they get a 10+% discount when they buy the company stock or more depending on the benefits package.

        besides when has HL PAAS and CDE + AG
        etc bought back their stock? hmm?

        seems like they are all in the same boat.
        so what is your question?

        That the whole silver industry needs to listen to me and issue dividend in silver bullion?

        or that svm pays their employees well to attract geology talent instead of criminal talent?

        well they are the better employers in the China mining space of course though.

        but then again your boss says they have no real business there so ?

        Also word has it that his government documents are false and he himself proved himself wrong on that occasion but he still forgets to mention he was wrong and he gloats about it?
        yes yes he has bankster connections to trash anything and everything at his disposal with a bit of collusion like no duh

        but the truth is the truth.

        the whole silver industry is being destroyed and one of the solutions that can help is my suggestions but they/shareholders do not seem to want to do anything.

        oh well then.

    • And he bought another 10,000 shares today (Wednesday).


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      • I like the idea of a silver bullion dividend in lue of a cash dividend but the practicality of administering such a program may cost the company to much money.

        Also I am wondering if the lower price per ounce of silver made the company think twice about using their capital for repurchase of shares ? It is disappointing but we do want SVM to have enough capital to execute on there new mines and mills with out having to raise new capital. In this low price silver environment and the holiday on the corporate tax over for SVM. They pay 25% corp tax now in China this may be the reason why zero shares have been repurchased.

        It comes down to this question do you still believe in the future of this company meaning the management and business plan ? I do I'm holding and not giving my shares away at this low price.


        Sentiment: Buy

      • how about when he buys 100,000 shares, that makes the news?

    • confirmed (man I hate using that website)

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