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  • lobsterpot1989 lobsterpot1989 Jul 5, 2013 4:51 PM Flag

    In less than 5 years this is a 15.00 dollar stock...

    Guaranteed! I am loading up and have a strong position with an average pps of 2.10 !!

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    • dude , Im stuk @ $6 & i didnt sell cuz ya i though it was going to $10 ! Then it had to fall to 2.36 !

    • Lobster, sold Option Put for $.90-$1.00 and exercised it for $3 to get pps of $2.10.

    • Up we go!!

    • you said you have a strong position with an average pps of 2.10 !!
      if what you said was true, you had bought into SVM before April 2009. you are a real super stupid guy in the world. you could sell this at peak of $16.

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      • dont call people stupid fasebyao he got in near the bottom around 2008-2009 like I did before the federal reserve saw silver and gold as a threat to their inflation numbers.

        so please be quiet.

        you bought ag when?
        we were talking about ag on the silver forums way before you even looked at it.

        as well and all the silver miners during the time of the 2008-2013

        yes many of us did buy some during the 2008 crash. though it went up and down with the help of the federal reserve as with the real market.

        regardless fasebyao the least thing we learned here is Jon Carnes is indeed a fraud and sending his minions here as well because they think this is a china stock purely and simply.

        he would have made money without causing problems to his employees if he would have shut his pie hole and just waited to his buddies to hit it.

        you all disgust me really though.

        wall street con men and frauds.

        they even tricked zerohedge but maybe the zerohedge is used as a venting point to gather people and manipulate them as well.

        but all media is, is a propaganda machine and racket nothing more nothing less.
        we as people and humans need to realize what is the truth ourselves.

        and oopsie the reverse split?

        it was actually a split the 15 dollars would actually be 30 dollar svm.

        you need to look at the real history instead of yahoo finance that doesn't even do real research.

    • You'll probably be right! Except that $15 per share pricetag will be after factoring in the 1-for-30 reverse stock split I envision eventually coming between here and there, your 5 year time horizon, and initiated at the share price of...


      Not to worry, I plan to be here then, doG permitting, acknowledging whether that will be right or wrong, and not "changing my ID if or when proven wrong" as is so often alleged to happen!

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      • sorry mistake oopsie it was more like a 3-1 stock split not reverse split I suggest you make corrections to your own comment as well otherwise you may destroy your own credibility


      • anyway since you didn't get the memo

        15 was actually 30 dollar svm because svm did about a 2-1 stock split in 2007-2008 when it was naturally around 18-20 dollars from the great housing bubble.

        then after they split it became a 8-10 dollar stock and the great crash happened as the great depression 2 or recession came about and they try to bail out their vampire squid friends.

        see why I say oopsie that all of you need to do your own research better and have some quality assurance.

        90% of wall street collude to win in the game instead of actually just gathering information that confirms it. Nope they always gather bits and pieces that give them a talking point to make an argument then they ask their friends to help manipulate.

        its always been like that.
        even they themselves admit they do this already.
        they fear no one in the paper realm now that they control the media and they control the fiat paper itself.

        hence the stock market is a scam. realize that first.
        but I am sure you realize that as well or maybe are part of it.

        who knows.

        all my other investments are actually doing fine except ones for silver industry.

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