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  • fasebyao fasebyao Jul 12, 2013 9:15 PM Flag

    ryugo, you did not know AG, I copied its recent report for you to read before you make any comment.

    AG reached a new quarterly record of 3,268,117 equivalent ounces of silver, representing a 55% increase compared to the same quarter in 2012.

    Total silver production for the quarter consisted of 2,767,966 ounces of silver, representing an increase of 44% compared to the same quarter in 2012. In addition, 5,946,539 pounds of lead and 2,898,093 pounds of zinc were produced representing an increase of 98% and 104%, respectively, compared to the same quarter of the previous year. Also, 1,995 ounces of gold were produced, representing an increase of 274% compared to the second quarter of 2012.

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    • ps if you are into 3d technology look into rep rap created by hacker engineers and programmers open source maybe you can make some filaments for it as you say you are a chemist?

      a bio chemist should still know some form of chemistry to create those things, NO?
      innovate to create real wealth instead of wasting so much time trying to make money in the fake markets.

    • ps oopsie at least talks of DDD and rvlt I disagree with him on rvlt in the long run of course short term of course wall street can make it go anywhere it wants. I dont care about the LED market honestly.

      oopsie likes it not for the value of the company imo but for the trade I couldn't care less.
      I like to invest in companies that contribute to society meaningfully not just pump by wall street.

    • also fasebyao dont you have work at your chemist job?

      you keep spamming only about svm as if you relied it for money or something
      I at least talk of ALL topics

      you are focusing way too much time on svm now after we all confirmed already jon carnes = fraud in this case no matter how you spin it.
      even if later on svm does go kaput Jon is still a fraud you and I both know this you even agreed.

      just leave the company alone for a while and move on with your life maybe you can feel better then.
      We will do what we want with OUR wealth and you will do what you want with yours.

      As I said I slowly sell calls and puts on all my investments regardless of the movements to slowly make income generation on top of their dividends.

    • *shakes head* I read it already fasebyao but you are so intent on attacking svm no matter what I am starting to get very irritated of ag as well.

      did anyone say ag was no good? I already said I invest in many necessary goods assets.

      svm is just one of the miners in the mining sector yet you are pounding and pounding and pounding trying to force me to change my investing strategy?

      what is wrong with you?

    • In comparsion, what SVM has in bag is questionable. I expect all # will be down. we will see in few weeks.

      • 3 Replies to fasebyao
      • anyway ag said it themselves they will be cutting production as well as exk cutting production.

        HL? they still need to pay for everything they bought and debt as well as the government fines they incurred.

        ABX as I said are having problems in Chile but Andy Hoffman of Jon Carnes reporter spamming away all the time didn't even know of it when he reported on them for years. Pathetic really.
        PS ABX owns the media in Canada wait wait abx is what? 15 bucks now wow from 35 dollars in Jan.

        But then again all miners are down an extreme amount but you seem to focus on svm only while others say they will do buybacks none of them did as you can see asianvest spamming and spamming like a lunatic/slave.

        Anyway Fasebyao again I will say yahoo mail is easily hackable by crackers as they made programs to do so many months ago which is why there are articles on many people getting cracked/hacked etc and spamming others.

        but I told you all this days ago already to make sure your accounts are irrelevant and to move your real accounts elsewhere. only use this as a throw away e-mail and use fake names.

        Told you all already but I dont know how many of you heed the tech advice.

      • anyway fasebyao please. all companies will be down you mean.

        EXK HL AG PAAS etc all of them.

        ps I shall note again AG main mined mineral is silver itself as they tout their high concentration of it with less of other ore to off set costs.

        meaning this silver price means much more to ag than svm.

        as I said svm is more diversified in base metals or 40-60% split
        as we well know base metals have not taken a large hit compared to silver itself.

        at most it did a 10-20% swoon but silver took a 30-40% dive. I am all for silver but come on fasebyao dont deny reality.

        I said already its only a matter of time before there is a true silver shortage and the banksters games blows up.

        HL made many bad calls yet you are not there complaining are you?
        they freaking gambled with 50% of their whole company on azk and then the price of all their assets crashed they paid 50-75% more than necessary for azk if you actually analyzed it.

        but here you are complaining only about svm with an agenda.

        wait you missed out on my call on LINE to buy surrounding MLP when the dust settled?

        yes yes line went from 23 to 26 now back to 25 for profit taking a short term trade it was great if you were quick.

        as for others in the MLP space things like BBEP from 14 to 18 again awesome trade if you got it. there were other mlps affected by the LINE berry petroleum deal. but the obvious hit piece by wall street created some nice winners of course you should take some off the table just to be safe to lock in your profits and then get the dividends that are coming up.

        PS LINE seems to have increased their dividend which caused a short panic? their dividend is 10-13% after all. shorts are mainly complaining about using puts to hedge and LINE accounting thus saying the whole industry is fraudulent and should be taken care of by the SEC not just LINE so they say. Wait isn't that what banks do all the time? OOPS.

        as for you fasebyao I dont understand why you are back spamming.

      • ryugo doesn't like Jews or banksters. I wouldn't talk to him.

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