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  • kristyfret Sep 13, 2013 11:49 PM Flag

    JPM Whistleblowers Joining Andrew Maguire

    Interview with andrew maguire on King World News says JPM whistleblowers ready to rock and roll.

    Silver going to the moon.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • well now lets see what the FED excuse is to not taper again.

      they were likely relying on Syria as an excuse to keep on printing which is why it would have lead to hyperinflation/high inflation

      it always that way.

      the next excuse will be? probably going around parading against IRAN again, but this threw a monkey wrench into the banksters manipulation. though silver is down it doesn't mean anything. traders will be traders they will never have any silver to back up their naked sold futures contracts

      just stack more silver at even cost then.

      I always reserve 20% of my pay to silver each month anyway.
      yawn too bad for them. Everyone knows the truth right now.

      the government the FED the banks the whole system is a scam.
      more people seem to be waking up.

      mean while we have worthless people here like asian whom hate themselves and oopsie pump and dumping stuff for his ego/gain etc.

      you can easily tell whom are real people though.

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      • "you can easily tell whom are real people though."

        Yeah, me. REALIST people who are calling SVM, and You, for what they are--see more Smoke and mirrors" Pump and Dump syndicate facades. This stock went from pre-split sub-$2 to ~$30-ish and you feign OBLIVIOUS, calling everything ELSE a P&D charade??? Look in the silvery glass and snap out of it! #$%$ THIS WHOLE CRATERING PROCESS IS, RYUGO?

        PROMOTED TO THE Nth DEGREE while Ag was soaring to 2011's $49.90 then CRESCENDO'D OVER THE RAINBOW throughout last year and this all the way and as $30s finally fell outta bed decisively. LMFAO at you though, 'cause you cast blame at "outsiders, gotta be the corrupt banksters like oopsi who were contracted/paid off to haul phony/bloated ore weights off of SVM's properties!" YEAH, RIGHT, BUB! YOU SURE IT COULDN'T HAVE BEEN THOSE "PEOPLE LIKE 'ASIAN' WHO" (are Inside the co. and) "HATE THEMSELVES," say, less than totally savory type characters who are anything but shareholder friendly? :-D Sorry to report that not every collapse in precious metals stocks was or is the root cause of "the corrupt gubment, Wall St. and fraud banksters," just as every 1,000%+ runup like this was legitimately and soundly based, rather than a good ol' "me too" Chinese shell rollup mirage and sham miner operation.

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