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  • asianvest asianvest Sep 14, 2013 11:21 AM Flag

    Buy-back plan: 32 Weeks, 25% price decline, ZERO shares repurchased

    *** Results of the Stock Repurchase Program: -25%

    Silvercorp's 8,500,000 share repurchase program (NCIB) runs Feb 1, 2013 to Jan 31, 2014 and permits the company to repurchase up to 55,693 shares/day (with exceptions).

    Weeks since inception: 32
    Weeks remaining: 20

    Open price on Feb 1, 2013: $4.43
    Last close on September 13, 2013: $3.30
    Decline to date: 25%

    Shares repurchased to date: ZERO
    Insider shares purchased to date: 30k
    Insider shares sold to date: 10k

    Insider option grants awarded concurrently: 571,000

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    • You keep posting this but it has no Value. Silver has been down a lot this year, why would a silver miner blow a bunch money on buybacks when silver prices has been falling?

    • Love It!

      They're legit! Heheh, by gawd, and this "New Method" as ore from the mines' weight measurement will help furthering the proof. It'll all be seen in the fundamental and fiscal results! (-;

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