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  • mymailtoyou45 mymailtoyou45 Dec 26, 2013 7:06 PM Flag

    do I buy more SVM or just hold what I have

    What should I do?

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    • I/we etc cannot tell you what to do.

      make your own judgement.

      IMO the 20k call options was intentionally used to be insurance for the naked shorts/shorts before they struck.
      meaning 20k x 100 = 2000000 new shorts at least naked ones.
      that is what I suspect the wall street goons are doing. when their options expire then we may see something else happen.

      meaning next year may change with a higher probability.
      I am waiting now for the 3 dollar 20k options to expire first then see what the wall street goons next move is.

    • Buy more at these levels and reduce your cost. I was weighing my options also. I may dive in with more before x divy date. If it was a value to you before, surely it is now. The bad news is all out, along with the low prices of silver. It can move up pretty easily once it gets through a few levels. From what I have seen in recent action, people are accumulating. Look at the recent report. They got out a lot of bad news and have been cutting costs, suspending production, expecting steady improvement because of the measures implemented and THEY HAVE ZERO DEBT.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • When fear about the stock is at it's peak like right now it is the time to get greedy.
      Buy more at this level and hit a home run within one year.

      Best of all " Silvercorp’s Accuser Stands Accused"

      • 1 Reply to wrsparks
      • Hey Sparks,

        When you last posted, on October 28, you wrote this to me: "...You are short, I am long. I think only a fool would would short this stock at these low levels but time will tell..."

        The stock closed that day at $3.37.

        Has enough time passed yet to determine if you still think I was indeed "a fool" to be short at that level?

        And, FWIW, I don't think this is the time to be recommending people buy. At the very least, I'd wait until there was some reported insider buying to confirm management's views of the valuation. A little caution goes a long way. As of now, it's just a slide of silence.